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02-23-2006, 03:42 PM
Greetings Teams:

Please read the important messaging below from Autodesk:

************************************************** ********

Autodesk is still programming the online voting website; it’s a very complex project but the anticipated completion date is Tuesday, February 28. Emails will be sent out to the teacher contact with the URL and a unique log-in for each team, as soon as the site is ready.

Message to teams attending the Week One regional events: We apologize that your team will only have 1-2 days to cast your votes; however the options were to move the animation due dates up by two weeks or cancel the regional peer judging aspect of the competition.

What you should be doing now:

Go to Autodesk Streamline
Review all animations for the regional(s) your team was registered to attend as of January 17; Autodesk was able to update a few of the changes made after that date but not all of them due to time constraints.
The animation team should review the animations and decide on scores for each animation. (Note: you cannot vote for your own animation.)
Animations should be judged using the criteria found in the Autodesk Visualization Award criteria. The three areas are:
Concept (maximum score: 35 points)
Creativity (maximum score: 35 points)
Technical (maximum score: 30 points)
Details on these categories can also be found on Autodesk Streamline under the “Awards” section.
Please remember your gracious professionalism; score fairly!
When the emails go out next week, your team will receive the URL of the voting website and a unique log-in just for your team. You may access the voting website as many times as you like; however, once you enter your scores and hit “submit” you will not be allowed back into the site. Your vote will be considered final.

Regional Event Update:

Autodesk is producing DVD's of the animations submitted via Streamline. Due to time constraints each regional event will only have a DVD containing animations submitted for that regional event. They will be shown in the Autodesk booth along with both Inventor and Visualization submissions from 2005. All 2006 animations will be shown in the Autodesk booth at the Championship Event.

Important Note: If possible please bring your animation on a DVD to your regional event. FIRST would like to show the winning animation during the awards ceremony. Please turn in your DVD to FIRST personnel to Pit Admin. Please make sure your DVD is clearly labeled with your team number!

Thank you to all the teams that submitted an entry this year; please remember that the professional judges will be reviewing all entries this year so there are more ways to win than last year!

Any questions can be sent to Kelly Stanphill at Autodesk via email: Kelly.stanphill@autodesk.com. Please include your team number in the subject line.

Go teams!