View Full Version : Were any FIRSTers involved in Holland Michighan?

Frank Toussaint
05-31-2002, 12:03 PM
I found this on a web site and I was wondering if any FIRSTers were involved:

Senior prank throws everyone for loop

Holland, Michigan (AP) -- A group of graduating high school students came up with a senior prank that really threw everyone for a loop, they decided to be nice to people.

Several seniors at Holland Christian High School took over lawn-maintenance duties from school employees Tuesday, washing windows and planting flowers. They also handed out Kool-Aid and lollipops to bewildered fellow students.

About a dozen seniors arrived at the school riding lawn tractors, armed with weed trimmers and hoses, The Holland Sentinel reported. They drove a ceremonial lap around the school grounds before the got down to the mowing.

"For the past so many years, it's been the same thing _ water balloons and being mean to underclassmen. Nothing real original," said Chad Brouwer from atop his tractor. "We're just trying to do a nice senior prank, but something that will get us noticed."

The anti-prank was a surprise to most of the school's staff members, including principal Tim Hoeksema, who found it to be a refreshing change. Schools routinely suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage from overzealous seniors whose ideas for pranks include vandalism.

"I thought it was pretty awesome what these kids did," Hoeksema said. "It's a pretty good reflection of what these students have done here for four years.


Andy Baker
05-31-2002, 01:41 PM

That's a pretty awesome "prank"... or maybe it was a show of Gracious Professionalism? Knowing the folks on team 107 a little bit, this sounds like the work of the Holland Christian FIRST team.

Andy B.

06-03-2002, 09:19 PM
interesting, my cousin is the senior class president over at holland christian....but she's not on the team