View Full Version : IR on the Vex controller?

04-18-2006, 01:07 PM
Looking at the end of the Vex controller module with the status LEDs, I've noticed what appears to be an IR "window". Opening the controller, I find a small, bullet-shaped, translucent part behind that window, attached to a part of the circuit board labeled "DS3".

I have to assume that if the Vex had infrared capabilities, I'd have seen some reference to it by now, but I'm wondering why that window is there and what the part is that's behind it.

Assuming that this is not on-board IR, has anyone managed to get IR connectivity working with a Vex controller? It'd be pretty neat to be able to use IR on Vex as an alternative form of remote control, a channel for downloading code, communication between robots, etc. the way the LEGO RCX brick does.

I'm just getting started with Vex, having picked up a bunch of stuff during the recent Radio Shack sale. My hardware knowledge is pretty limited, so please be gentle if that DS3 part is something really obvious to everybody. :)