View Full Version : My teams website [NEED OPINIONS!!!]

05-01-2006, 02:42 AM
Ok we are resesigning our site and a few of us are constructivly arguing about a color scheme, i have 3 up and i was hoping i could get ppl to view them and comment on them and tell me which scheme you like the most.
the link is http://robo.xlx2.com/07-layout/

Timothy D. Ginn
05-01-2006, 07:34 AM
I'm inclined to think a blue would best match your team colours; so, I'd go with that. The caveat is, the particular blue you have there combined with the text colours (black and the almost invisible green) makes the text more difficult to read than it should be (the white shows up well). So, I'd suggest taking a look at a colour contrast check (http://www.snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html) and picking colours so that it's "Are colours compliant?" field says "Yes.". It would be a good idea to check the other colours on the page with that tool, too.