View Full Version : My story: Jon dancing. Any good stories that never took place on the playing field?

05-09-2006, 09:48 PM
My friend Jon Kim and Jeff and Stanley and Evan and Michael, and myself, were all hanging out in our hotel room when Jon decides to tie his shirt around his head and dance like an egyptian gypsie... So he's dancing, we're laughing AT him, and then I decide to open the door to let him go dance in the hallway.

(This is at Atlanta Nationals)

Right then, there were 3 girls from a team down the hall (didnt know them) who were walking by the door. I didn't even know they were there. So they stop and look at Jon dancing, I'm staring at them, and then Jon, and then them, and then Jon to see what's going to happen.

Jon has his back turned to them, so he has no idea what's going on... Then he turns around. He looks at the girls and runnnnnnnnns into the bathroom. They just stand there, and I say "Hey, do you wanna come in?" as a joke; I even had my eyebrow raised and everything. They just look at me blankly, still stunned by the skinny dancing Asian manboy who just ran away.

I apoligize and slowly close the door.

Who's got some good stories that never took place on the playing field?

Elgin Clock
05-09-2006, 10:14 PM
Let's see.. so many.. First off, there was way too much drama at Nats, and since.. so.. I've basically found a new talent as a mediator/therapist (hence my "AKA" being what it is).

Umm.. but.. that's besides the point.

Outside of the competition, in no particular order:

I was almost pick-pocketed by a bum.
A bum offered to shiny my suede shoes.
Yet another bum offered to sell me a newspaper printed totally by bums.
I was "cheese-caked" in my hair.
I said "hollow" when banging on a sign type thing and some foreign girls said hello back, and it sounded like "hollow". (Swedish girls maybe ya?)
I didn't realize we landed in ATL on the plane and was made fun of when I asked what that bumping noise/feeling was.
I and 4 other people took a "short cut" elevator to the MARTA, only to find out that it went to the train tracks with the freight train on it.
I laughed as 30+ people went running toward the train that was going under the CNN food court, as if they had never seen a train before in their lives.
I slammed my head into a HUGE POLE (http://podquard.multiply.com/photos/photo/12/111)in my hotel trying to do a barrel roll across a door (of someone who wasn't even in their room come to find out) all James Bond style. Head is fine, finger may be broken though. :ahh:
After I thought I was going to be sitting alone on the plane home, and there was only 2 people left to board, I ended up sitting next to "the hottest girl on our airplane" in the words of others, and didn't get a phone number, or even a name from her after talking for a while, but found out later it may just be a sister of a friend's friend. LOL
My hair was Blue, Blonde, and Orange at different times, and I left my mark on the airplane's seat on the ride home (orange hair spray). :o
I made THIS THING (http://podquard.multiply.com/photos/hi-res/12/137?xurl=%2Fphotos%2Fphoto%2F12%2F137)when in the pits one day from a dead poof ball and a bunch of our pens.
I taught almost everyone on my team, and more people who wanted to learn how to use a chatter ring/ gyro ring. (http://www.fatbraintoys.com/toy_companies/fascinations/gyro_ring_pro_edition.cfm)
I rejected an offer for a telescope type thing, and also a flat offer of 20 bucks for the gyro ring.
I took the coolest pics ever of one of the kids on the team (Kevin being attacked in multiple ways by team 461's huge cat banner)
I helped bring 12 pies back to our hotel from the team party after someone said if no one took them, then they would be thrown out.
I helped prank some mentors' room with the kids on the team.. which just happened to be my room as well.
That's all I can remember for now actually. I'm sure there was way more, but I forget already.

Freddy Schurr
05-09-2006, 10:24 PM
Yet another bum offered to sell me a newspaper printed totally by bums.

I helped prank some mentors' room with the kids on the team.. which just happened to be my room as well.

Both these things happen to me!

1. A Bum came up to me on Thurs and wanted me to buy a newspaper for $3 and I just said what the heck and give him $3. It was a interesting reading for like 3-4 mins.

2. Some students wanted to get back at the mentors and it was a complete blast seeing the reactions. I had a lot of fun laughing my ^%$ off and seeing their reactions. Who knows what going to happen at next year 's competition hotel.

Jeff K.
05-09-2006, 11:19 PM
...the skinny dancing Asian manboy ...

Here is a picture of the skinny dancing asian manboy who was in our room. We're actually trying to find him so uhh..if anyone has seen someone like this, please contact us. :p

05-10-2006, 12:32 AM
good times...lol

05-10-2006, 03:51 PM
Walking to breakfast Saturday morning in Atlanta, we passed team 173. I forget just what they were singing, but it was one of those songs you learn at a very young age. As we pass them, Ogre (his CD name, not his real name) says, "I'm not with them."

05-10-2006, 08:23 PM
Well... let's just say glucouse tablets and tired robotics students shouldn't mix ;)
at dinner there was chaos... trying to decide between laughing and choking, feeding each other pineapple slices on knives...wearing safety googles
(I must say that we did not make a mess nor annoy those around us, at least not too badly... I hope...)