View Full Version : ATTENTION all teams competing in MILWAUKEE

02-16-2007, 09:27 AM
Before you read my thread, read the following thread. It was posted by one of my groups mentors regarding our robot.


In his thread he says that our robot can lift 100lbs but actualy it can lift more around 120lbs to 125lbs. However our robot needs to be able to grab on to a robot somehow. Our robot has a hook on it's arm that is able to hook up to another robot. However, we are unable to use this hook if no one has something we can hook onto!

So now this is were you guys come in.

Anyone who is competing in the regionals at the Millwaukee U.S. Cellular Arena, should place a loop or a fairly sized eye hook on their robot's center of gravity. So team 1652's robot can get a grip on them.

Thanks in advance!