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03-03-2007, 12:25 PM
I have heard that to enter the finals, your robot must have bumpers. Is this true? Are we restricted if we don't have bumpers?

03-03-2007, 12:28 PM
you dont need bumpers, they are just highly recommended finals or not.

Travis Hoffman
03-03-2007, 12:30 PM
I'm wondering if front mounted bumpers are making it more difficult for some teams to ascend the ramps....

03-03-2007, 12:34 PM
I have heard that to enter the finals, your robot must have bumpers. Is this true? Are we restricted if we don't have bumpers?
The solution to this, and many other problems, is in the manual. To wit:

<R37> Teams are strongly encouraged to use bumpers on their ROBOTS. Bumpers can reduce
damage to ROBOTS when they contact another ROBOT or field elements. Teams may
choose to use STANDARD BUMPERS or custom bumper designs. STANDARD
BUMPERS have several advantages, such as being excluded from the calculation of the
ROBOT weight and volume limitations specified in Rule <R07>. TEAMS that choose to use
STANDARD BUMPERS, will have both a more robust ROBOT and the traction advantage
of a heavier ROBOT. Alternately, TEAMS may develop custom bumper designs for use on
their ROBOTS. However, custom bumper designs are NOT eligible for the weight/volume
exclusion offered for STANDARD BUMPERS. All custom bumper designs are considered
part of the ROBOT, and must satisfy the constraints listed in Rule <R07> (as well as all
other rules). STANDARD BUMPERS must be designed as described below. Any bumper
design inconsistent with these design elements will be considered a custom bumper.
designed as shown in figures 8-1
and 8-2. This is the only
acceptable design for STANDARD
removable so that they can be
weighed separately from the
must be attached to the ROBOT
with a bolt-and-fastener system to
form a rigid, robust connection to
the ROBOT structure (i.e. not
attached with Velcro!).
Figure 8-2
Figure 8-3
STANDARD BUMPERS must weigh, in total, no more than 15 pounds including any
fasteners that attach them to the ROBOT.
 STANDARD BUMPERS do not have to surround the entire perimeter of the ROBOT, and
may be segmented. However, STANDARD BUMPERS must be a minimum of 6 inches in
length and can not include sections that weigh more than 3 ounces per inch (i.e. no short
bumpers with giant heavy fasteners).
 STANDARD BUMPERS must use a stacked pair of 2-1/2 inch “pool noodles” as the bumper
 STANDARD BUMPERS must use 3/4 inch plywood backing 5 inches tall as the bumper
structure to attach the bumper
(“pool noodles”) to the ROBOT.
covered with a tough smooth
cloth (1000 denier Cordura Plus®
strongly recommended).
 In the STARTING
BUMPERS may extend outside
the horizontal dimensions for the
ROBOT (as specified in Rule
<R07>) by up to a maximum of 3-
1/2 inches per side. Nothing
other than pool noodles and cloth
can extend more than 1 inch
beyond the ROBOT boundaries.
 Hard bumper parts MUST NOT
extend into the corners.
remain within the BUMPER
ZONE when the ROBOT is
resting on the floor in PLAYING
be articulated or moved outside of
the BUMPER ZONE. The one
exception to this is STANDARD
BUMPERS may be within or
below the BUMPER ZONE during
the END GAME if the ROBOT is
in its HOME ZONE (see Figure 8-
 For the purposes of the shipping
deadlines, STANDARD
BUMPERS are considered part of
the ROBOT, and must be shipped
in the crate with the ROBOT.
Bumper height has been specified so that ROBOTS will make contact bumper-to-bumper and so
that the GAME PIECES will be pushed rather than pulled under the ROBOTS. Note that ROBOT
wheel/tracks must be properly positioned relative to any bumpers to avoid interference issues
when elevating ROBOTS during the END GAME. As bumper mounts are being designed, plconsider how the ROBOT will be carried (bumpers typically do not make good handles!). Also,
note that the use of STANDARD BUMPERS may preclude the use of other technologies in their
out-of-the-box configurations. Teams will need to carefully consider the interactions between
available bumper options and other elements of their ROBOT design.

Nowhere in the rules does it say that bumpers are required for any part of the competition.