View Full Version : /FIRST/ Tech Challenge Team Email Blast - Quad Quandary Game Components

Mark McLeod
09-26-2007, 11:13 AM
Dear Teams:
The /FIRST/ Tech Challenge support group at FIRST is looking into the possibility of providing Field Kits (cut, but unassembled) or a fields'
worth of pre-cut ring game pieces to our teams, but we want to make sure there is enough interest in this to keep the costs down. We've read your comments and heard your concerns regarding assembling this year's game pieces, and would like to provide a solution we could make available at cost for teams.
The field component kit would include all of the Quad Quandary Field Components (rings, goal base, goal parts, etc.) except for the crossbar PVC, wood glue, screws, and nails. The kit would cost no more than $150.00 (including shipping).
The ring kit would consist of 50 cut, sanded, and unpainted Quad Quandary competition rings. The cost of the ring kit would not exceed $75.00 (including shipping).
Please respond to us by the end of the day on Friday (9/28) to let us know if you would be interested in purchasing either kit, and what quantity of each kit. This will help us to get the best quotes to keep costs low for teams. We appreciate your responses!

Go Teams!
~ FTC Team Support