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12-05-2007, 02:43 PM
FIRST community,

Team 303 is very excited about a fundraiser that we have kicked off for December and think there is great potential for many teams to use this model to raise money while helping their communities.

Like a Walk-a-thon, the Volunteer-a-thon raises funds for by sponsors giving money either based on the number of volunteer hours performed or as a flat donation. Each participant pledges a number of hours they will do volunteer work with 10 hours as a suggested commitment. The Fundraising Committee has been lining up activities such as leaf raking, Red Cross work, help at a Senior Center, help at a special needs school, etc.

Sponsors will get the added benefit of knowing that by sponsoring a student they are not only helping our team, but also helping people in need throughout the community.

This link http://www.team303.com/index.php?m=info&a=view&ListID=86 will bring you to Team 303's fundraising page where you will find the flyer, sponsor form, and activity record we are using for the program. There is also a link there to the editable versions, which can be used as a template to start your own volunteer-a-thon. I hope many teams will find this a great way to support themselves and their communities.

Go Teams!

Mr. A
12-06-2007, 10:59 PM
This really is a win-win effort because people are helping the team and their community!

Have any other teams done something similar?