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01-20-2008, 07:49 PM
My name is Vin Zotto. I took some time off for specific reasons but I have been invited back by my old high school team to do the scouting. I'm glad to be back in the FIRST Community.

After graduating college, I enlisted with the United States Air Force. Prior the end of basic training, I was immediately sent to Mississippi's Gulf Coast region. There I learned electronics and assisted with post-Katrina cleanup. I have pictures of the devastation which I will someday show if I have the courage to look at them again.

From there I was then sent to Wichita Falls, TX for Medical Training. So 6 months later, I returned to Connecticut. You don't appreciate your home until you've spent some time away.

Anywho, I am happy to return to team 237 of Watertown, Connecticut. I hope to attend the following competitions:

UTC in Hartford, Connecticut. I will be a Safety Advisor as I have been in years past.

Philadelphia, PA

National Competition in Atlanta. I haven't been to a national competition since it was held in Orlando, FL at Disneyworld.

Anywho, I look forward to working with as many of you as I can. Come up and say hi. I really can't wait to get back into this!


A1C Zotto Vincent C
United States Air Force
103rd Fighter Wing
103rd Medical Group
"No One Dies On Our Watch"
"So Others May Live"
"Leave No One Behind"

01-20-2008, 08:52 PM
Why hello there Vin! Glad to hear that you again are going to be involved in FIRST. I also will be in Atlanta with the Technokats so stop by and say hi if you want! Hope your season goes well!