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02-25-2008, 01:57 PM
Hey, for all of the Chairmans winners out there, what did you guys submit this year? Since we're not being judged, HOT has gotten a little creative, and decided to write our submission in 'txt speak', in the form of a text message and chat room. What did you guys write this year?

Oh, and another thing, has anybody started designing their HoF booth?

03-02-2008, 05:13 PM
I've had several requests for me to post our chairmans submission on here for everybody to read, but I haven't gotten the ok from my mentors yet. However, if you would like to read it, send me a PM (Like Pavan) and I can email you a copy.


03-21-2008, 03:14 PM
Ok, guys, here is the submission (Walt finally let me post it). If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feedback is always nice!! :D


This year the HOT Team students decided to write their Chairman's Award entry in current kid languages--Text and Instant Messaging. Those over twenty might have trouble reading our submission. We apologize for this and hope you will try to communicate with the kids using their language. To see an adult version of our submission, go to our web-page.

Our story begins with Katie leaving the General Motors Milford Proving Ground after a HOT Team meeting. She is sending a text message to her sick team-mate about what he missed...

Katie: Feelin better? It wuz hard workin' on da chmans essay w/o u. We hv a ton 2 do still.
Adam: Wish Id been there. Im well 'nuff 2 type lol. Wud u do?
Katie: Brainstormin' essay ideas. Ddnt get far.
Adam: Uh. Sux.
Katie: Yeah. Ne ideas?
Adam: Not rly.
Katie: Get on AIM, we r workin' on th submision in our chat rm.
Adam: K gimme 5
Katie: Kewl

HOT_Chairman has entered the chat room
GodOfC++ has entered the chat room
ManON_DaChair has entered the chat room
Robot_LuvR67 has entered the chat room

HOT_Chairman: Hi ppl wuz^?

GodOfC++: Nm u?

HOT_Chairman: We got 2 work on da essay, ne ideas?

ManON_DaChair: B4 ne thin we need 2 get our info str8. Wud we do this yr?

Robot_LuvR67: Uh... we built a rbt.

GodOfC++: I thnk he means comm srvce.

HOT_Chairman: Wel, we hafta talk 'bout CASEY 4 shure. Wat did we do w/ her?

ManON_DaChair: Um... wel... I remembr we wnt 2 that RV Park & tlked 'bout FIRST n let da kids drive CASEY.

Robot_LuvR67: Wsnt that at Waldenwoods? I think it wuz... We took her 2 sum Grad parties 2. We even wnt 2 th library wit her.

GodOfC++: Yea! I remembr tht! We did a prgrm 4 kids n ther parental units 'bout FIRST n robotics n science n stuff. CASEY red a book 2 th kids 2.

ManON_DaChair: Wut 'bout da HOT Spot? It ws relly kool how we culd wrap all those presnts 4 ppl in th village & do a fundraiser @ th same time.

Robot_LuvR67: What was the HOT Spot? I dont membr dat.

ManON_DaChair: It wuz dat stor front we got 2 use in DwnTwn Milford. We rapped presents for donations during wkends in Dec.

HOT_Chairman: Yea, bt wut else did we use CASEY 4 to gt th wrd out?

GodOfC++: We took her 2 our local parades. We did 3 ths yr, rite?

ManON_DaChair: Yea, 4th 'o' July, Christmas, nd da Highland spring 1.

HOT_Chairman: Ddnt Rowayne use CASEY 4 hs Eagle Scout Project?

GodOfC++: Yea. It ws 'bout children's safety. He had the Milford PD nd Fire Dept der @ da YMCA.

ManON_DaChair: Dey made thos info cards 4 da kidz. Dey had their pics and fingerpirntz on dem. N CASEY stood in frnt of de Y n made balloons.

Robot_LuvR67: Yeah... she was also ther wen we did our FLL stuff. While we were runnin th regional, we had ppl blowing up balloons n stuff. They did tht wen we voluntered @ the state FLL tourny 2. We run both a those evnts, did u kno tht?

GodOfC++: Yea, actualy i did. but neways, ddnt we get sum sorta grant frm the skool or something?

HOT_Chairman: Yea, n we recieved it @ th celebration night

Robot_LuvR67: Wait wait wait wait...whats goin on? wut celebration nite? and wat grant?!

ManON_DaChair: We went 2 ths celebration nite thng bc we got grants frm th skool 2 buy VEX kits bc thy figured out robtcs is beneficial. ROFLMBO.

HOT_Chairman: Wait a sec...we cant leave out th YES Expo!

GodOfC++: Th YES Expo in Nov was so fun. We were 1 of 16 FRC teams there. ther wuz 8 new FRC teams strtd 'cuz a it!!! Remember th 20,000 kidz watchin? It mde me a littl nervus....

ManON_DaChair: Dat was so kewl! Erry team took turns teachin' high skool students how to drive da rbts.

HOT_Chairman: O hey! Remembr we took CASEY 2 Ken's G-daughters 2nd bday? She was SOOO cute... th kidz absolutly loved th balloons.

GodOfC++: Speakin of Ken... Whose writin th WF essay?

RobotLuvR67: Oh crud... It wasn't me, rite?

ManON_DaChair: 1 2 3 NOT ME!!!!!!

GodOfC++: I thot Katie wuz doin it...

HOT_Chairman: Alredy done... Slackers!!! Lol.

GodOfC++: U scard me ther 4 a sec... Anyways... We need 2 tlk 'bout stuf othr thn CASEY. Wut else did we do in th comm?

RobotLuvR67: Wel wut 'bout our cln-ups? We did 3 road cln-ups on the strech of Commerce Rd tht we adoptd. We did th rivr cln-up on th Huron River. I remembr I gt a dead fish thrwn @ me... and ddn't some1 pic up a picnic tble outta th rivr?

GodOfC++: Ddnt Walt take CASEY 2 tht career day thing? I heard th kids really liked her.

RobotLuvR67: Yea, der wuz a lot of ppl talkin 2 th kids 'bout loads of careers. I wish i could have gone. It wuz a 'lil far for me tho. It was at Cesar Chavez Academy in Detroit.

HOT_Chairman: We shuld prolly mention tht we r workn 2 strt w/da recyclin stuff in dwntwn Milford. I relly hpe it wrks out... We've been havin relly good communication w/ th ppl @ the Huron Valley Earth Day Foundation. I thnk tht we mite get a booth n do sum youth outreach @ th festival. We culd do a fundraiser ther 2!

ManON_DaChair: Speakin of fundraisers, how much $ did we raise @ our last HOT Team Supper Club?

GodOfC++: Wel, Leo's gave us 10% of our bills... I thnk we gt a few hundrd $. I thnk tht ws the svnth one we've done, n its trned out 2 b a great fundraiser. Im gld tht th local reserants hve been so suportive of us. Where is th nxt 1?

RobotLuvR67: Good question. BD's Mongolian BBQ maybe? Tht wuld b sooooo awsm....

HOT_Chairman: Speakin of foreign food, how r things goin w/ the Chilean Team? I hvnt goten n update in awile.

ManON_DaChair: Katie, hw does foreign food have nethin 2 du w/the Chilean team?

HOT_Chairman: Uh... bc they eat foreign food? Idk. Idk a lot 'bout them. Can u tel me wats up w/thm?

ManON_DaChair: Wel... Ive been emailin back n forth w/thm cuz im th only 1 tht spks spanish outta all you ppl (spanish is waaaaaaaaaay better than german :P).

HOT_Chairman: Wel thts nt very hlpful. I never got the full stry! :'(

ManON_DaChair: I gess I wil hafta strt frum th begining thn. It strted wen they emailed us askin 4 help bc they heard wut we did 4 the Panteras last yr. We've been helping them w/advice n stuff since they r only a 1st yr team. They r comin up 2 compete @ GLR w/ us!!!!!!!

Robot_LuvR67: Im sooo excited. Dwn in th shop we've been talkin 'bout makin a cart 4 them 4 wen they r here. I thnk we r gonna be sharin tools n stuff in th pits.

GodOfC++: Yea, we r requestin tht our pits r nxt 2 eachothr. We r also gonna help w/buttons and get lodging arranged... so we had a kinda kooky idea tht I need 2 run by the mentors still. U wanna hear it?

HOT_Chairman: ofc

GodOfC++: Wel... Wut if the kids frm the Chilean Heart (thts ther name, btw) team stayed w/sum of our team-members tht spoke spanish? Tht way they wuldnt hve 2 pay 4 a hotel & bus cuz thy culd just ride w/us!

HOT_Chairman: Tht wuld b relly kool! I wuld deff. be willin 2 host a few kids @ my hizzle. But, I gess I wuld hafta ask my parental units.

ManON_DaChair: Wel, if we du tht, we shuld deff get sum press coverage. We culd contact sum local papers 2 du a story on it.

HOT_Chairman: Wel, weve already tlked 2 sum ppl 'bout th Chilean Team, th same ppl we talked 2 'bout interviewing th Panteras last yr.

Robot_LuvR67: So wut else did we do fur Dean's hw?

HOT_Chairman: Oh yea! We wrote 2 Oprah! We need 2 find some other ways 2 get th word out. Brainstorm time?

GodOfC++: Sure, but first... Wut did we write to Oprah 'bout?

ManON_DaChair: Ddnt u hear? We are tryin to get FLL programs in her skool 4 grlz in Africa.

GodOfC++: That sounds so cool. Speakin of FLL, dsnt the Chilean team work with the FLL team in Chile where erry 1 on da team is a cancer patient?

Robot_LuvR67: Yea I frgt 'bout that. I think dats so kewl!!! =P

ManON_DaChair: Ya....Woodie F. evn went out ther n visted thm bc of ther wrk.

GodOfC++: Im rly gld 2 c othr tms takin leadership roles in FIRST, especially rookie teams.

Robot_LuvR67: Thts y I luv bein on ths team...we hlp othr tms take on important roles. Like u remembr th state fair?

ManON_DaChair: No. Wut happend?

HOT_Chairman: Wel, we wer askd 2 set up a display @ th state fair, bt we askd th Thunder Chickens do it so thy culd demo ther leadership skils.

ManON_DaCHair: How did thy do?

HOT_Chairman: Thy did a relly gd job, n r makin mre plans 4 nxt yr.

Robot_LuvR67: So did u gys hear 'bout th marathon comm. srvce day nxt week?

GodOfC++: Yea. R'nt we going 2 th elem. skool aftr WE get outta skool?

HOT_Chairman: Yup...n thn we r going 2 Lakeland High's frosh orientation. Thts going 2 b good 4 recruiting 4 nxt yr. So did u gys meet ur comm. srvce requirement 4 traveling ths yr?

GodOfC++: Yea, I did. Its 4 comm. service events, I believe.

HOT_Chairman: I think I have like 11 srvce events... looks like i'll hve 13 b4 competition season... lol...

Robot_LuvR67: Overacheiver

HOT_Chairman: Well hw mny du u hv?

Robot_LuvR67: Umm... 10...

HOT_Chairman: Exactly.

ManON_DaChair: NE ways... back on topic... How do we wnt 2 write this submision?

GodOfC++: Umm... wel we alredy did a poem... n wrote it frm CASEY's POV... how on earth r we gonna top those?

Robot_LuvR67: OMG my brain is FRIED! Lets wrk ths out tomorow @ th meeting......HOLY JEEZ! its almst 1 in th mrning!!!

HOT_Chairman: Yea... Im going to bed... *yawn*. Gnite guys.

Robot_LuvR67: Gnite (have happy dreams of sprockets n button makers... lol.)

GodOfC++: Wow. I'm Out. TTFN.

ManON_DaChair: Me dos. Bye.

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And so we leave our team members, who will proceed to have an epiphany at their next meeting and write a brilliant Chairmans essay... Somewhat like this one...


Koko Ed
03-21-2008, 08:08 PM
Hey, for all of the Chairmans winners out there, what did you guys submit this year? Since we're not being judged, HOT has gotten a little creative, and decided to write our submission in 'txt speak', in the form of a text message and chat room. What did you guys write this year?

Oh, and another thing, has anybody started designing their HoF booth?

I don't think FIRST would find much humor in interpreting txt speak.
We did our HOF submission in as little time as possible (basically a copy/paste job with some updates). We've been working vigourously on our HOF all season long. Ellery's wife Becky has been lead on the project and it should look spectacular!

03-22-2008, 09:17 AM
MOE 365 did basically the same as X-Cats - we just updated the essay but am spending time desisgning our HOF booth.