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03-24-2008, 10:54 AM
Intelitek - CNC Turning Machines (http://www.intelitek.com/Products.asp?CategoryID=12&Industrial=&Education=yes)

For a demonstration or additional information please contact Intelitek Sales at 800-221-2763.

proLIGHT 3000 (http://www.intelitek.com/ProductDetails.asp?Product_ID=7&CategoryID=12&Industrial=&Education=yes&category_str_id=1)

A versatile 2-axis CNC lathe for training, engineering and light-duty industrial turning applications. Designed for high accuracy on a wide variety of materials. 5C spindle taper accommodates industry standard 5C collets.

The proLIGHT Turning Center uses the latest innovative technology in its design to meet the challenges of today's students. In its totally enclosed cabinet with a machined and ground cast iron base it is able to machine most materials, including steel.

Future engineers and CNC machinists must be prepared to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills to use and operate new and innovative machining technologies.

The proLIGHT 3000 Turning Center is a benchtop state-of-the-art CNC turning center. It uses EIA, ISO and Fanuc-compatible G&M codes as do larger CNC machines. It is a two-axis turning center with a 5C spindle and a collet capacity of up to 1-1/16".

Two options of tool holders are available; manual quick-change and an eight-tool automatic tool turret. Linear and circular interpolation, multi-tool programming, canned cycles, cutter compensation and threading are just a few of the programming modes the machine's software supports. The turning center is capable of doing internal machining and threading and includes a 4" self-centering chuck.

Turning center can be ordered with factory-installed tailstock.

spectraLIGHT 0400 (http://www.intelitek.com/ProductDetails.asp?Product_ID=3&CategoryID=12&Industrial=&Education=yes&category_str_id=1)

A tabletop CNC system that fits comfortably into any classroom, this 2- axis slant bed machine uses EIA, ISO and Fanuc compatible G and M code programs to cut parts in a variety of materials. Optional: 8-tool turret.

The spectraLIGHT 0400 Machining Center is a desktop portable state-of-the-art CNC system that fits comfortably into the classroom. Similar to larger industrial machines, the spectraLIGHT Machining Center uses EIA, ISO, and Fanuc-compatible G&M code programs to cut parts in a variety of materials. Linear, circular, and helical interpolation, multiple tool programming, and canned cycles are just a few of the programming modes the machine's software supports.

For thousands of schools worldwide - from middle schools to universities - the spectraLIGHT is the system of choice, whether introducing students to the fundamentals of manufacturing or preparing them for challenging careers in engineering, manufacturing, and industrial technology.