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03-30-2008, 10:08 PM
Hello all,
I am posting to ask people to upload any tutorials / white papers or any source code to the FIRST Software Repository website. We definitely need older source code and tutorials for past seasons. We have had a few people post there and I think one of the biggest problems is most people do not know that this website exists.

The goal of this website is to have a online community with easily accessible downloads just for FIRST Programmers. We want it to become an educational tool for students in the FIRST Community, especially those who are unfortunate enough to have a programming mentor.

We also want this site to be used for archiving. This way if a team or anyone is working with an older robot controller they can go to the website and get what they need, figure out how to write code, or if they can't find it they can ask. For source code, you can upload snippets of code, like if you have a section of code that does a pretty specific function you can just upload that.

If you have programming questions please post in the forum, and for those that just register you can subscribe to the forums so you know when someone makes a post.

Please if you can boost the archives and tutorials for now. I want to try and get it built up this summer, before the 2009 season.

The website is www.frcsoft.com

If you have any questions feel free to pm me.