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Lake Orion
09-25-2001, 08:32 AM
Can detailed plans of the feeding station be provided?

Can your a part of your robot go into and back out the goal structure?

Can string be wooven?

Mike Martus
09-25-2001, 07:20 PM
Question:Detail of feeding station:

Answer: Justin will be getting that to all teams ASAP!

Question: Can part of your robot go in to the structure and back out?

Answer: Deliberatly entering the structure is forbidden. You are not to design your robot or stragety to enter the structure. Robots are to avoid this. If however your robot accidently enters, or is pushed in you will be cautioned to back out. This is important to the durability of the structure.

Question: can string be woven.

Answer: You can do anything with legal kit material as long as it does not violate other rules, such as ... precision fabrication, welding, or entangelement. read the rules.