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09-25-2001, 10:22 PM
Kick-off is being held at FIVE locations?!?

I sure hope we get to pick where to go!...I just made travel arrangements yesterday.

Anyone know details???

09-26-2001, 01:44 PM
Last year there was a "remote" kickoff at JPL here on the West Coast. I think there were one or two others as well. We were allowed to decide if we wanted to go to NH or not.

After this year we decided that while our primary representation would be at the local kickoff, we would also send at least one person to NH.

This person has one responsibility. Find out everything possible about the field and how it is constructed.

For those of you who were around this forum at kickoff time last year, just think of how many words and posts could have been saved by a few digital pictures of the bridge pivot.

So if you were heading to NH anyway I'd just go. But take a camera and share the pictures. Either that or hope the field drawings are better than the sketches they gave us last year.

I just had a thought, last years field drawings were obviously produced by a CAD operator. Because while many essential dimensions had to be guessed at, they could have easily been obtained from a CAD model. Assuming that the model was available, which in this case it wasn't.

Us manufacturing guys have the same problem here in the real world. Just because all of the data is in the model, it is asumed that guys a quarter mile away from the nearest CAD tube have access to it.

Just my $.02