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12-11-2008, 09:36 AM

Justin Montois
12-11-2008, 09:37 AM
This looks awesome. What was it's purpose? Do you have any video? It would be great to see it in action!

Need more details!:)

12-11-2008, 03:09 PM

Thanks. Here's the story...

Every fall, MOE conducts MOE University for our team members. The purpose is to train students on some of what they will need to know come build season. For the past few years, we have come up with a project for the rookies that has them working in teams, learning tools and equipment, using creative design, and having fun.

This year, our Dean of MOE University, Kirstin, came up with a Rube Goldberg project where teams needed to design and build a machine that dispenses PEZ in 10 steps, while meeting the certain material requirements and rules. The actual problem statement is copied at the bottom of this post.

This past Monday, three teams of MOE rookies participated in a judged competiiton and we had a full team (and family) potluck dinner. The event went very well and teams did a fantastic job with their projects. Video was taken and we plan to get it up on YouTube soon.

Eventually, we plan to include the project details on our website, so others can use them, too.

Hope you guys in Rochester are doing well! We will miss not being there in early March next year. :(


1. Challenge
1.1. Design and build a machine that dispenses pez in 10 or more steps.
1.2. Satisfy all required Mechanical Sub-Team skills

2. Machine Specifications:
2.1. The machine footprint must be no larger than 2 feet by 4 feet
2.2. The machine can have unlimited height
2.3. The machine must weigh no more than 50 lbs
2.4. The machine must have a minimum of ten (10) steps. There is no maximum number of steps. A step is defined as a linear process, not a parallel process. A step contributes to the completion of the Rube Goldberg task by transferring or releasing energy.
2.5. The machine must include material listed in the mandatory material section
2.6. The machine must run for no more than two (2) minutes per run.
2.7. The machine will have a maximum twenty (20) minute reset time.
2.8. No animals may be used in the machine.
2.9. No liquid may be used in the machine
2.10. No fire, explosives, or firearms may be used in the machine
2.11. No hazardous materials can be used on or within the machine.
2.12. The machine must not imply profane, indecent, or lewd expressions. Remember to make your Grandmothers proud!
2.13. Any loose or flying objects must remain within the set boundaries of the machine.
2.14. The machine must be safe to the satisfaction of the team mentor.

3. Mandatory Material – Machine must include these materials
3.1. Kit of Parts – Provided
3.1.1. Pez dispenser – can be replaced with different pez dispenser
3.1.2. Small sprocket and 25 size chain
3.1.3. fisher price gearbox
3.1.4. fisher price motor
3.1.5. wheel and bearing
3.1.6. torsional spring
3.1.7. linear spring
3.2. Material in MOE machine shop
3.2.1. formed sheet metal
3.2.2. pop rivets
3.2.3. shaft collar
3.2.4. shaft with key
3.2.5. ¼-20 fastener
3.2.6. 10-32 fastener
3.2.7. wire tie

4. Other acceptable material
4.1. anything from home
4.2. anything currently in the MOE machine shop
4.3. purchased parts
4.4. Kit of Parts
4.4.1. D size batteries
4.4.2. battery holder
4.4.3. 2 wheel hubs
4.4.4. 40tooth plastic sprocket
4.4.5. plastic ball

5. Scoring
5.1. Standard points
5.1.1. 50 pts will be awarded for a machine with 10 complete and functional steps. Machines can have more than 10 steps
5.1.2. Students are required to present a detailed description of the steps to the judges with a walkthrough/talk through demonstration. Up to 50 points can be earned for the presentation.
5.1.3. Students are required to learn the skills on the skill sheet. A team will have 1 point deducted from the final score for each unlearned skill.
5.1.4. 10 points will be deducted for each unused mandatory item listed in section 3.
5.1.5. The machine is expected to be self sufficient. 10 points will be deducted each time a student touches the machine during machine execution

6. Possible Bonus Points – material included during machine execution
6.1. 10 points: each extra step beyond 10
6.2. 5 points: hitch pin
6.3. 5 points: One or more LED lighting during machine execution
6.4. 5 points: roll pin
6.5. 5 points: picture of MOE mentor
6.6. 5 points: hose clamp
6.7. 10 points: American flag
6.8. 10 points: balloon
6.9. 10 points: cemented plastic pipe
6.10. 10 points: music element
6.11. 10 points: picture of a MOE booster
6.12. 10 points: picture of your Rube Goldberg Machine team
6.13. 10 points: pneumatic wheel
6.14. 15 points: free-fall transfer of 10 inches or more
6.15. 20 points: lift of 12 inches or more
6.16. 20 points: rack and pinion
6.17. 20 points: hex bug, RC car, and/or other small robot
6.18. 30 points: air cylinder

Justin Montois
12-11-2008, 06:06 PM

That is an outstanding project. Every time I read or hear about one of the projects that 365 creates it just tells me more and more why you guys were an easy Chairman's Award selection. I can't wait to see the videos! The project and MOE University in general sounds like a great way to teach rookies and promote team building in general at the same time.

Were going to miss you guys at FLR this year but hopefully you guys will come back soon. I know your going to have a great time at Washington,DC, it should be an outstanding event. Good Luck this season, hopefully I'll see you guys at Championship.

Richard Wallace
12-11-2008, 06:34 PM
Oh, man! How I wish I could be a MOE rookie! :D

12-11-2008, 09:18 PM
wow that sounds like a wonderful project. would it be alright if i used that challenge to train future members of my team during next years pre season?

Mike AA
12-11-2008, 10:33 PM
Video and a larger picture would be nice to see how it works.

This is an awesome idea to help the team get in the spirit, in the past a team I was on we built towers and bridges.


12-12-2008, 06:24 AM
wow that sounds like a wonderful project. would it be alright if i used that challenge to train future members of my team during next years pre season?


Absolutely! In the near future, our webteam will create a page on this project, including the project details, score sheets, photos, and video. Documents will be available to download and use for any team or group.

It was great fun and worked out better than we expected. Most of the credit goes to Kirstin for developing it and the MOE mentors (Vince, Joe, and Don) who guided the rookie teams.

Best of luck this season!

12-16-2008, 09:14 PM

thanks. i appreciate it a lot. i really need to get my school involved in more things like this that inspire students.