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Ken Leung
09-28-2001, 05:58 AM
Link to newsletter (

Hello everyone, right now, I am trying to see what people think about the newsletter, and if I should go ahead in this effort. So, please cast your vote in this poll.

Please note that the test launch newsletter is based on about 18 threads, over 20~30 pages of threads, and 8 hours in making (3am to 11am, which mean I was not in my best conditions).

I wish I could've done better, but I tried my best to condense all the info into 5 pages of text. I had to cut out a few things people said in order to keep it short, and I know the format isn't exactly great... Some part of the letter is confusing due to the fact that I am still figuring out the balance between summaries and links to specific posts. Also, I tried to post the links with its original title, but people usually don't pay attention to their titles and the process of copy and paste got too tedious. Therefore it looks really ugly at the end...

I promise to make a lot of improvements, so it will be more organized, readable and concise in the future. In another words, I am going to make the letter a lot better! ;)

Anyone is welcome to subscribe for this newsletter, not just CD forum members! And everyone who wants to will receive newsletter frequently in the future… The Subscription system will be worked out in the future...

Please comment about this and help me make this "a lot better"!!!

Thank you for you time!!! :D

P.S. I am just kidding on the "too good" option...

Carolyn Duncan
09-29-2001, 12:17 AM
What can I say? Send the newsletter this way. Just don't kill yourself rying to get it done. I remember hos weful you felt at nats last year and don't want yo uto repeat that. Make sure that you get some sleep.
You Rock, Ken!!!!!!

09-29-2001, 12:37 PM
Hey Ken-
Look! I registered just to tell you how great you and your newsletter are! Keep up the good work, but try not to fail your classes this year, okay?

P.S.- Don't forget to visit good ol' GRT once in a while, okay? We'll be in desperate need of your help this year...

Brandon Martus
09-30-2001, 11:54 PM
sign up to the newsletter in your user control panel.

here (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/member.php?s=&action=editoptions)

Select the Receive Summary Newsletter? option.

Joe Ross
10-01-2001, 07:37 AM
It looks like most people say that it needs improvements, but no one has suggested any improvements.

It can't get any better unless you help out Ken.