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01-31-2010, 02:56 PM
When i attempt to run the code to put it on the cRio i get the following:
No to.jar.file specified.
Using "suite\BuiltInDefaultCode_1.0.0.jar"
Deleting directory C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\build
Deleting directory C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Deleting directory C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\j2mecla sses
Created dir: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\build
Compiling 1 source file to C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\build
Created dir: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\j2mecla sses
Created dir: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Building jar: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite\B uiltInDefaultCode_1.0.0.jar
Using "suite\BuiltInDefaultCode_1.0.0.jar"
CompilerOracle: exclude com/sun/squawk/Method.getParameterTypes
CompilerOracle: exclude com/sun/squawk/SymbolParser.getSignatureTypeAt
CompilerOracle: exclude com/sun/squawk/SymbolParser.stripMethods
[translating suite image [closed: false, parent: squawk] ...]
### Excluding compile: com.sun.squawk.Method::getParameterTypes
### Excluding compile: com.sun.squawk.SymbolParser::getSignatureTypeAt
Romizer processed 73 classes and generated these files:
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\image.s ym
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\image.s uite
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\image.s uite.metadata
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\image.s uite.api
Expanding: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite\B uiltInDefaultCode_1.0.0.jar into C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Moving 1 file to C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Moving 1 file to C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Moving 1 file to C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\suite
Deleting: C:\Users\L337-Lobster\Documents\NetBeansProjects\MyRobot\image.s uite.api
Connecting FTP @
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\sunspotfrcsdk\build.xml:95: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\Users\L337-Lobster\sunspotfrcsdk\ant\upgrade.xml:40: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect
BUILD FAILED (total time: 24 seconds)

I cannot figure out as of yet how to go about fixing this.

01-31-2010, 05:51 PM
You can try a few things to make sure everything is ok and then if you get the error. Just keep trying until it goes, it will eventually.

1.) Goto Run -> CMD
PING - You should receive 4 responses of less then 50ms

2.) Next in the same command window type:
FTP - hit enter twice it should log into the FTP on the cRio
then type "ls" this should give you a directory listing of the cRio root

If everything works, try running a cable from you PC to the router and then run your project. If you still have issues run another cable from the router to the cRio directly and try again. This seems to be a issue where the system gives up to easily and effects poor connection and slower computers. We have student using the classmate and it took three tries to get it to download.

We have also seen a issue with the system hanging on "Setting Up for Run" on multiple computers and ended up writing a batch file to copy the image.suite file to the cRio directly.

01-31-2010, 07:25 PM
Also, if ftp works from the command line, but doesn't from the run command, make sure that the firewall on the PC is turned off.