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Sammy G
02-02-2010, 05:44 PM
In the spirit of spreading FIRST to all schools, I am considering trying to get at least one or two FLL teams in all 10 or so middle schools in my district, and at least one FTC team into the remaining 6 high schools without FIRST teams in them. The main problems are funding and teacher sponsors. There is a government agency that supports FIRST, and I am pretty sure that they would be willing to buy the kits for any rookie teams. I am not sure how to get sponsors at a school where I do not know anyone. An idea would be to give a teacher a stipend, like a basketball coach (probably not nearly as much).

There is also the potential to try to make it a district sanctioned sport, like drama and debate. That may have too many hurdles to jump through. I am in Alaska, so the operating budget for an FRC team is about twice the national average. It makes sense to have FLL and FTC teams, because we at least have an in-state competition we can go to.

We hosted the local FLL tournament at my high school , and I helped as a referee. There are over 40 teams in the city alone, but only about 40 students that make it to an FRC team. I see this as a major problem that needs to be fixed. If there are teams already established as the FLL'ers go through the school district, no matter what school they go to, it is possible to impress upon them:

"Once you get to middle school, the next step is to do robotics there. After middle school, the next step is to do robotics at whatever high school you go to. If you really like, which of course you will, then you go to the nearest FRC team, which is not limited to the high school where is is hosted."

Any feedback or idea to improve my grand master of a plan is welcome. I know there are holes, and I would appreciate trying to fill them.

Team Captain, FRC568
Nerds of the North