View Full Version : Pre-Ship Scrimmage February 20 & 21 In Westampton NJ

02-09-2010, 07:31 AM
I have been told that we're officially opening our Practice Field on February 20 & 21 for any local teams that would like to scrimmage. We're probably going to run a very loose structure based on how many teams we have present.

Location: 695 Woodlane Road, Westampton, NJ‎ (~30minutes from Philly, 30-40 minutes from Trenton, and 2hrs from NYC)
Time: TBD - Minimally 9am - 3pm
Cost: Minimal Fee - if not Free
Contact: thefro526(at)yahoo.com - Please Put "Scrimmage" in the Subject Line and I will forward your information onto the powers that be.

This should be a great opportunity for local teams to come out and get some practice before their first competition.

As of right now, we're going to ask that all teams bring and run at least one set of bumpers, color doesn't matter, to protect their machines and our field from damage. Also, we're probably going to run some sort of mini safety inspection to make sure that any stored energy devices are safe along with all other robot functions...

We'll be supplying soccer balls from our athletic department, which are not identical to the competition balls but should be good enough to practice with. If any team would like to bring their own soccer balls then they are more to welcome to.

More Information Will Follow as the Date gets closer...