View Full Version : Congratulations 1583: Rambotics

04-21-2010, 04:23 PM
Watching this team from its beginning, the Colorado FIRST community fell to tears in happiness when we heard the announcer say that Ridgeview had won the Colorado Regional Chairman's award.
Hearing that the team had won the Judges' Award at Championships, I am so proud of that team and I can never say enough good things about how far this team has come every year.
I hope everyone at Championships was able to come and meet this team and learned about what is it that they teach. "Where I came from is not important, it's where I'm going is all that matters.".

They are truly one of Colorado's pride and joy teams I'm so excited to see more and more boys make the right choices and become the gentleman they can be because of how this team changes their lives.

Also I hope to see Bam Bam the Ram around the regional again next year. I was a bit disappointed when their mascot wasn't around this year.

GO RVA! :)