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06-17-2010, 11:16 AM
Since getting to captain team 204 just didn't fulfill my robotic craving, myself and another 204 alumni decided to make our own robot own our own. We approached our old adviser and we were given a set of IFI controllers (Robot Controller, Operator Interface, and both radio sides). The problem is that our robot controller has a sticker that clearly states it is a 2008 model, and the operator interface, from what we can tell, is from 2003 (Rev 26 Firmware, we emailed VEX and they said 2003). We would like to get our project together before the new school year starts or at the latest only a month or so in. Reason being, we would like to have the robot working in order to help promote reasons to join robotics, as well as bring it in as guest speakers for our newly revised Engineering Design 4 class which will be using the VEX systems to learn about robotics. If anybody is able to supply us with an O.I. that is compatible with the 2008 Robot Controller. We are working on a very tight budget that did not account for this set back, so a donation would be very helpful, or a trade for our older O.I. would be able to be arranged. If you don't have the IFI systems still around your shop, any help in the right direction would be just as much appreciated. Thank in advance to anyone who can help. My email will be below, please include the phrase IFI in the subject line so my filters will put it in the appropriate folders.

Kyle Krupinski

06-17-2010, 11:26 AM
One thing I forgot to mention was that we are in Southern New Jersey, so any local teams would obviously be the easiest to deal with, but please, please, please don't be discouraged if your farther. If there's one thing I learned in FIRST, if there is a will, there is a way, especially if there is enough zip ties.