View Full Version : Question on Logitech Rumblepad and Java Class Joystick's getRawAxis(3) Interoper.

02-17-2011, 06:33 PM
In an object of java DefaultRobot class,the right joystick (getRawAxis(3)) does not respond to being pushed right but does respond to a left push. However, the java object's method returns values for up and down (getRawAxis(4)). Also, the java object's method (getrawAxis(1),getRawAxis(2)) returns values in response to all four directions of the left joystick on the Rumblepad 2.

I've included three screenshots. The first two show that the Logitech Rumblepad 2's right stick fully responds (Z Axis and Z Rotation) in the controller test GUI found under the Windows Vista Contol Panel. The third shows that it doesn't respond in the java program (left column: getRawAxis(3), right column: getRawAxis(4)).

In the third screenshot, 0 is the rest position and left outputs -1 but right still outputs 0. Is there a known interoperability problem with the java joystick class and the Logitech rumblepad 2?