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10-26-2001, 03:48 PM
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the bolt hole locations on the face of the Bosch and Fischer Price motors. I have the motors in front of me, but I don't have a pair of calipers, or a decent scale. I looked at Ed's cad files but he didn't finish detailing the motors. If you do know the info, can you send it along. By the way, Ed's files are great. They're extremely helpful. We've used them as a short cut on many occasions.

Anthony Lapp
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Joe Johnson
10-26-2001, 03:59 PM
72mm diameter circle
3 holes, 120 degree spacing (i.e. equal spacing)
M6X1.0 Thread

Can't help you on the FP.

Joe J.

10-26-2001, 04:05 PM
I was looking for the bolt holes on the face of the motor itself. There are two 4 mil holes on the face of the bosch motor can. I need to know their exact location. Thanks for the speedy reply though.

Anthony Lapp

10-27-2001, 01:43 AM
The mounting for the Fisher price motor is very weird. You make a triangle 2 sides 3.75" and the other side 4 1/8". The way we are going to connect ours is by drilling out the 3 bolt holes on the main part(where the white part is). We then put bolts through the opposite side and use a spacer on the screw. I have included a picture of team 60's mounting. It is very weird so if you have any other problems email me and iwill help you. Well the pic i have is too big so just email me at mnkysp6353@aol.com and i will send you it.

Ed Sparks
10-28-2001, 10:11 AM
Bosch - 29mm between centers - M4 Holes (from Drawing)
FP - 25 mm between centers - M3 Holes (measured)

Ed Sparks
10-28-2001, 10:19 AM

I finished the Drill Motor Drawing. It's called DrillMotor.dwg or you can find the inventor verion under the Inventor subdirectory. It's fully detailed.

Cad Drawings (Temporary Location) (http://sharingfirst.mit.edu/users/edsparks/drawings)

10-28-2001, 11:14 AM
That's the info I needed. Thanks for all the help.

Anthony Lapp