View Full Version : Team Update Coming

06-23-2002, 09:27 PM
Posted by -Lori Buckley, Other on team #N/A from N/A.

Posted on 4/6/99 10:44 AM MST

Just to let you all know...there will be a FIRST team update posted
on the FIRST web site by the end of the week....
To ease your minds....there will be 2 stages at Epcot...
2 fields on each stage...
6 qualifying matches per team....beginning with one match Thursday night
4 on Friday...and one more match on Saturday morning. The finals are played
on Saturday afternoon.
The top 16 seeded teams will go to the finals. The alliances will
be like they were in Michigan with 3 alliances matched
together. The details of how this will take place will be
in the update. Keep watching for it!!! :)