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Today 03:22 AM
What is FIRST? - Chairman's Help!
That's a great idea, Jon. I might try this out! I was using these as rough guides already, but thanks.
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Today 02:02 AM
Poll: Drivetrain this year
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Today 01:40 AM
navX-Micro .VI's?
When using navX-Micro on a FRC RoboRIO-based system, the USB and I2C interface options available in the navX-MXP RoboRIO libraries should be used. navX-Micro is 100% compatible with the FRC navX-MXP...
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Trying to Help
Today 01:36 AM
Field Trip Forms for Community Teams
Some of our students last year were able to get one school to recognize Champs as an educational contest like a Math Team Competition. Getting administrators onboard and seeing FIRST as a positive...
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Crew Cox
Today 12:49 AM
Kitbot chassis on Einstein?
I get that. Was just my randomness at play
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Today 12:29 AM
XboxController Class vs Joystick Class for KOP Xbox Controller
Thank you both Austin and Bradley. That makes much more sense. I though I was going crazy.
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Justin Montois
Today 12:25 AM
[FRC Blog] Snow and Don Update
Great news about Don! Glad to hear it.
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Today 12:22 AM
WARNING - buying 5" Fuel Balls from outside vendors.
We ordered on kickoff day. Got the confirmation that Monday. Got a "order changed" notice three days later. Then just got shipping notice this Monday. And I paid a bit extra through Gopher because I...
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Today 12:16 AM
Driver station has no robot communication
We ran into a problem with the same symptoms on Saturday. This is how we solved it. 1. Install latest Firmware on RoboRio 2. Install latest Image on RoboRio 3. Install latest WPI Plugin in Eclipse...
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Today 12:10 AM
Cheesy vision Help Setup
Not sure where you are struggling. The only part we stumbled on was figuring out how to get OpenCV installed on the dev machine so the build would pick it up. We updated the README and created a PR...
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Yesterday 11:58 PM
Spike Relay Replacement
Thanks Mark. That helps.
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Yesterday 11:51 PM
Team 1868 Webinar: Polishing your Awards Submissions
Hi all, The date for the webinar is coming upon us quickly! Please sign up if you are interested in attending with the link on the flyer (bit.ly/2iIR8gA). Thank you!
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Yesterday 11:50 PM
C++ NetworkTables
If you search for "networktables" on the WPILib screensteps site one of the top results is this page, which links to various binary...
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Yesterday 11:41 PM
3D Printed Gearbox for Denso Throttle Motor Available
We are actually going to use this motor this year, I never thought the day would come! We are also 3D printing a gear and gearbox for it, intended to turn a turret or two. Just a single reduction for...
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Yesterday 11:33 PM
The Spring
Justin, I do not have a video yet, I will get one posted but we ordered the spring 3 of them 36in each from Essentra Components. All of the spring characteristics match the spring provided in the...
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Yesterday 11:30 PM
Questions on Carbon Fiber
Broken hockey sticks can be a great source of free carbon fiber rectangular tubing. They bolt up quite nicely... thanks to the Portland Winterhawks garbage bin for saving us back in 2008 when our...
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Chris Fultz
Yesterday 11:14 PM
The 2017 IRI will be Friday and Saturday, July 14 - 15. Load in will be Thursday Evening, July 13. The location is back to Lawrence NORTH High School, our location for several years. (2016 was...
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Chris Fultz
Yesterday 11:09 PM
paper: Cyber Blue FRC 234 - Cantilevered Drive Design / Make
Not really. We are continuing to drive the robot, trying to get 30 - 45 minutes a night on it to be sure we really understand the design, our assembly, and how it will hold up. So far, all is good.
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
How Fast Can you Safely Climb?
It doesn't matter if the robot falls after the timer stops. The rules say that as long as the button is pressed through time 0 and it is pressed for over 1 second, it will count. I'd therefore...
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Chris is me
Yesterday 11:04 PM
Running 775pros on TalonSRX
50-60 amps assuming a full battery is going to be even worse with a half dead one near the end of the match. Don't gear for max power - gear for within a safe margin of the breakers. 40 is more than...
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