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Today 09:49 AM
West Coast Drivetrain robot stutter lights dimming . . .
Please tell us what you found and how you fixed it.
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Today 09:36 AM
Q63! This is getting pretty crazy.
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Tyler Olds
Today 09:04 AM
[FUN] Week 4 Show Schedule
Week 4 is here and we are excited to announce our show line up the next few days 3/25-3/28 Saturday 3/25: TBA GameDay Live! Ontario Waterloo District. Approximate Start 1:20pm Eastern* Sunday...
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Today 08:15 AM
Team 330, The Beach Bots, 2017 Robot
The climb-shot has to happen again. I have faith in you guys.
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Today 07:37 AM
Any 2 Rotor Auto?
3489, 1876, and 3824 successfully scored a two rotor auto during qualifications yesterday at smoky mountain regionals. not sure if it's the worlds first qual two rotor but i'm pretty sure it...
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Today 07:17 AM
Roborio lost comm
I seen a few recent post of robots loosing communications and well we are seeing some issues too. Our control board that seem reliable the past few weeks seems to have turned for the worse. The ideas...
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Today 06:30 AM
Lost Comms and Code Crash 291: A Full Report
Your CPU usage is on the high side, especially during Auto (it's nearly 100%). Are you doing something particularly memory intensive or could it be a code inefficiency somewhere? (I would look at...
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Lil' Lavery
Today 06:10 AM
Brown out on collision
If your losing power on impacts, odds are it's the result of your roborio and/or radio losing power due to a bad connection somewhere as opposed to excessive current draw from your drive. Check you...
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Today 06:07 AM
Storm 2729 can probably provide a couple too and we'll also be a Seneca. I don't think we have any new units, but the used ones are fine, just have some grease on them. If you are interested let us...
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Today 01:46 AM
2017 Sacramento Regional
This is the first time my team has ever been a wildcard potential team which is cool. Ended day 1 ranked top 10, also a first for us. Looking to be a great event for the Patriots.
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Today 01:14 AM
Coining New Term - "yoyo-ing"
I knew that's where that link would lead. For some context, the pin on the locking mechanism in 68's climber sheared off (we assume the first time the robot fell that match) and the drivers must...
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Today 01:09 AM
Stream opencv output remotely (like imshow, but for headless video processors)
Ah! The magic breadcrumbs! We're in the middle of the Sacramento regional right now, but we'll definitely hit this track on Monday. We were pondering making a customized client for the dashboard,...
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Today 12:59 AM
Critical bugfix available for pynetworktables
This fixes https://github.com/robotpy/pynetworktables/issues/42, pynetworktables was not encoding/decoding array lengths correctly. If you sent NT arrays over a certain length, various errors could...
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Brian Maher
Today 12:30 AM
FRC Top 25(40) Week 3 Results. Show Link
If we're talking about the validity of OPR, I think it's important to take a critical look at the assumptions that allow its calculation. The regression model that drives OPR assumes that scoring...
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Today 12:26 AM
Bending Thick Metal
Before purchasing a metal brake, give some carefull consideration of your future needs. A standard Finger Brake allows you to make more complex and adjacent bends. We can easily bend a battery box...
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Today 12:16 AM
775 PROs in 2017 Drives
Yes, thank you, I am familiar with that section of the manual. I suspect he meant 45 volts/sec, since those are the units used by the C++ and Java API. 45V/sec would be 0 to 12 volts in 0.27 sec.
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Today 12:09 AM
CameraServer causes SmartDashboard Handshake error
Awesome, that's a useful message. It means that almost certainly there's a mismatch in how pynetworktables is sending/receiving NT traffic. ... and in fact, that insight led to me figuring out the...
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Today 12:04 AM
NAVX micro inconsistently reading data.
I've ordered a USB bus power meter, will let you know my results w/that in a few days. However I ran a test w/our Raspberry Pi 3 on the robot powered from the RoboRIO USB port (as you said, .9A...
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Yesterday 11:52 PM
Woodie Flowers Award Recipients.
Team 4944, The Hi Fives, just had our lead mentor Sergio Galindo win the Woodie Flowers award at the Colorado Regional. This is his 14th year in FIRST: the first four spent as a student and the...
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Yesterday 11:42 PM
How can I program a gyro?
Thanks for the help, but I'm just wondering where in the DriveTrain.java do I put the Kp = 0.03 and the gyro.getangle. Then after that I'd like to know how I can use those functions to make the bot...
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