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Today 12:52 PM
Vision Processing FPS
That's really cool. I missed your talk in Houston, any chance you guys recorded it? I definitely want to mess around with some deep learning this offseason.
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Today 12:34 PM
Cscore changing camera settings
Sorry I'm new to all of this, but by the cscore web server, are you referring to the mjpeg server or something else? If you're talking about the mjpeg server, I am able to change the exposure by...
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Anuraag Routray
Today 12:33 PM
Team 1619 Up-A-Creek-Robotics Season Recap
Hey that's me at 21 seconds! Congrats on a great season to one of our closest friends in FRC. Good luck at IRI.
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Libby K
Today 12:04 PM
MidKnight Mayhem V: June 17, 2017
Should start going out this week. Updated team list: 30 Teams Registered & Paid. We have contacted a few of the waitlist teams to pull them off, and we will fill the event to the full capacity of 36...
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Michael Hill
Today 09:42 AM
vinyl cuts not sticking to bumpers
Sorry to necro this thread. We have been using sailcloth for the past couple years for our bumpers. We have been using this with pretty great success:...
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Travis Hoffman
Today 08:39 AM
WOW Championship
This is a message of nonzero length.
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Yesterday 10:06 PM
2017 Offseason Design Challenge: Logomotive
It surprisingly doesn't take much time - it was a weekend project. Thought of it and modeled it in CAD on Saturday and wrote most of the game manual Sunday. It's something anyone can do, and it's a...
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Yesterday 09:22 PM
Belts 9mm or 15mm?
I've posted this in several threads, but for a full-weight 6WD with direct-driven dropped center wheels, my rule of thumb for 5mm-pitch HTD is "8 pulley teeth per inch of wheel diameter." Over that,...
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Peter Johnson
Yesterday 09:19 PM
Streaming usb cameras.
The other way you can keep cameras consistent is by using the "/dev/v4l/by-path/..." names, which are named based on the physical USB port the camera is plugged into.
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Yesterday 08:05 PM
Lessons Learned during Steamworks
That is also a very important thing for new teams ...and a lot of other mid level teams to know.
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Yesterday 06:39 PM
Extra Trophies
Talk with your Affiliate Partner - they should have an answer for you.
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Mark Sheridan
Yesterday 05:52 PM
Parts you want to see for 2018
Wouldn't putting the tape on the reusable parts be a one time cost used for many seasons requiring periodic maintenance and thus a better investment? The usage of vision systems is because FIRST...
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Yesterday 05:17 PM
STEM Quiz #1
You realize you can have a planetary setup with only two planet gears, right? My old Milwaukee impact which bit the dust (motor side, not gearbox) uses this setup because it only requires 1 stage to...
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Davis Racing
Yesterday 04:10 PM
Robowranglers 2017 Season Recap
Very Nice.
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Kieron Cook
Yesterday 03:54 PM
Best wheels for various terrain?
Our robot from 2016 was extremely good at driving on dirt, grass, concrete, and bricks. It seemed to have no problem turning and seemed to not take much wear for the effort. If you are doing this...
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Yesterday 03:48 PM
FRC and Matlab
Cool! You should share more info (and code) about what you're doing. Sounds neat!
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Yesterday 03:17 PM
LED light strips
Another good source for all the supplies and tutorials you need to create anything like this: https://www.sparkfun.com/
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Wayne Doenges
Yesterday 03:13 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #672
Coming to a field near you. Pop Up Buddy will be all the rage. Fan sold separately
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Yesterday 02:59 PM
Peak Peformance 2017 (PNW Offseason)
Great way to introduce new team members to all that is FIRST! FRC 5941 SPQL is signed up and excited to have a fairly local off season event to attend.
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Yesterday 02:55 PM
Need Assistance: Issues with Robot Builder and code errors
Hello All, I put together a quick C++ project in Robot Builder and after importing into Eclipse I noticed every file has errors stemming around std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr. Were you able to...
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