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Today 01:44 AM
Learning JAVA - best resources
Hi, I'm a bit of a Java noob, especially when it comes to robots. I've got a bit of experience in visual basic but am on the lookout for the best way to get up to scratch in Java programming. I've...
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Today 12:08 AM
Anyone want to mail us FRC posters?
I had to look into this recently. FIRST had some good poster you can use here:...
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Today 12:05 AM
What team are you from?
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Today 12:01 AM
Like old computers? Check out my website!
Nice collection. Would love to see some old school home computers like the zx spectrum. A generation of UK games people learned to code on this classic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX_Spectrum
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Yesterday 11:23 PM
pic: Pneu Module w/ SMC Manifold
Sorry, but I do not understand. What do you mean by "the manifold acts as a hub for the output wires"? The solenoid wires go directly from the PCM (previously the pneumatic breakout) to the...
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David Brinza
Yesterday 10:26 PM
Teams Using Slack
Team 980 has been using Slack since July 2014. We're a pretty small team (
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Yesterday 10:21 PM
Cancel a command
Whoops, didn't see that section of the docs :o There's an easy way to do what you want in your situation though. public class ScissorToPosition extends Command { // ... boolean isUnsafe =...
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Yesterday 10:16 PM
Build season week 1
I realized that it is not clear from my earlier post, but our week 1 prototyping was primarily for the purpose of determining the "difficulty" of various manipulator approaches. Of course, we always...
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Yesterday 09:49 PM
Best Event Giveaways
My favorite event giveaway of all time was not from a robotics event, but a church convention. Episcopal church insurance gave away a pocket whisk broom that was about the size of a fairly large...
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Yesterday 09:38 PM
You know you're addicted to FIRST when...
You spend a day of your weekend discussing the attributes of pockets in women's clothing on the Internet...
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Yesterday 08:19 PM
Favorite Team Moments
For me, my favourite moment would have to be at the Waterloo regional, during qualifications one of the gears in our gearbox got completely stripped and we had a 2 match turn around. The next match...
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Yesterday 07:34 PM
Does the 2016 FMS radio programmer have an option to program a D-Link?
It won't work with the official WPA kiosk, but an FTA can set the D-Link up to connect to the field. I would reach out to the event's organizer, make sure their FTA knows ahead of time, and get the...
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F4 Network
Yesterday 06:53 PM
F4 - Episode 21 (Engaging Members in the Preseason)
oops. Thanks a ton.
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Yesterday 06:20 PM
Chezy Champs 2016
Seems like a great addition to what has already been great event coverage for the past two years! Chezy Champs and Gamesense are setting the bar yet again! How about one of the best clutch...
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Yesterday 05:02 PM
Best in your State/Region
1. 1986 2. 1730 3. 1806 4. 4522 5. 1775
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Yesterday 04:19 PM
2016 Michigan Teams by County
The firstinspires.org team and event search page returns lots of values about the team including the lat and lon. http://es01.usfirst.org/teams/_search I'll see if I can find my Michigan team data...
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Yesterday 01:55 PM
2017 Game Speculation
Our team actually made a pair of practice denim bumpers this year. They didn't last long, unfortunately.
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Yesterday 10:06 AM
[FTC] New video series for FTC sensor help
Episode 4 on how to program a holonomic drive in Android Studio is up. https://youtu.be/n2Q3PYVx0Qk Next time, we'll look at how to wire a hall effect sensor using the digital inputs.
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