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Today 10:24 AM
Ground Gear Intake bottom plate
We did something similar. I don't have a great picture right now, but here's one where you can kind of see it: https://i.imgur.com/ajWJOMah.jpg That's an early version of the gearmanip, and we've...
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Today 10:15 AM
[FRC Blog] 2018 Beta Testing and 2017 Usage Reporting
I made a chart of language use by rookie year. Just eyeballing it, I doubt that any of the trends are statistically significant, but I figured I'd share the results to save others the trouble of...
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Today 10:09 AM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Let's put it this way: I don't put any limits on how early any given draft opens for picking... I'll probably restrict the waiver drafts a little bit, though.
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Doug Frisk
Today 09:40 AM
Registration 2018
Is Sweden that uninteresting?
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Today 09:33 AM
Looking for FIRST Events/Teams in Taiwan
Thank you for this! Sadly, none of these teams are near my city.
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Today 08:42 AM
Include referenced libraries in github commit
Another bump for GradleRIO. The combination of custom arguments and multi-project setup was a gamechanger. Now the display kids can go nuts with 3rd-party libraries and use the same common libraries...
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Today 08:30 AM
Is Bash@Beach happening?
Word on the street is that Bash is 10/14. I've seen nothing official.
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Today 08:20 AM
FRC Central for iOS Beta 2017-2018
All, Oh wow, the possibilities with FIRST Power Up are awesome! It is going to be another great season! I am starting to beta test new features (as well as obliterate a few bugs) going into the...
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Today 08:11 AM
2056 Ways to Inspire Conference 2017
a simple solution, just watch videos of 2056 in competition that inspiration enough.
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Today 08:07 AM
[FRC Blog] Training on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
if it cost a lot for one team, it should cost a lot for all teams shows dedication. i am interested in hearing numbers on how many take these "Learning modules"
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Today 07:55 AM
2018 New England District Championships hosted at BU Agganis Arena
2014 WAS AWESOME! Hoping for the same but probably not cause.........Change
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Wayne Doenges
Today 07:52 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #689
You can tell the students that Dean Kamen has over 100 patents to his name, and they believe you. You can tell the students that Dave Lavery helped create the Mars rover Opportunity, and they believe...
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Mr. Mac
Today 06:42 AM
[OCCRA]: Trash Can Details
Unofficially, I believe Jim Zondag said that the false bottom's top surface was 14" below the rim; I will confirm that in the official Q & A section later today.
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Mr. Mac
Today 06:36 AM
[OCCRA]: Trash Can Details
In terms of the trash can: 1) How much will the counter weight weigh? This, we assume, will be anchored to the inside bottom of the trash can so as to NOT flop around during dumping. 2) What is the...
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Mr. Mac
Today 06:34 AM
The official ball size should be 8.5" diameter (26.7" circumference.) Some "jumbo tennis balls" are only 8" in diameter--if you get some of these under-sized balls, DO NOT TRY TO FILL THEM TO THE...
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Today 06:29 AM
[Java] GRIP Vision help?!
Yeah, something like that...:D Otherwise you are processing an empty image. You probably want to put in something like long frameTime = cvSink.grabFrame(mat ); if(frameTime == 0) continue; This will...
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Today 06:26 AM
Official 2018 FRC Teaser - FIRST POWER UP
I'm calling tentacles.
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Mr. Mac
Today 06:26 AM
[OCCRA]: May the Control Box be divided?
No, the Control box should all be in one container.
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Today 01:15 AM
New 1200mm LIDAR -- VL53L0X
int i2clib_open(const char *device); void i2clib_close(int handle); int i2clib_read(int handle, uint8_t dev_addr, char *recv_buf, int32_t recv_size); int i2clib_write(int handle, uint8_t dev_addr,...
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Today 01:10 AM
Gryffingear presents: Nagini - Offseason 2017
Any updates?
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