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Today 08:18 PM
pic: What happens when there's a farmers market outside IRI
One of our members bought a cantaloupe and went to the barbecue food truck to borrow a knife to cut it. Funny part was that when she got back with the knife we used another members necklace to cut a...
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Today 07:33 PM
What camera(s) do you use?
We used the Microsoft cameras for Stronghold, chosen based on the documentation in ScreenStepsLive. Unfortunately we were unable to change the exposure using v4l2. This year for Steamworks we used ...
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Today 05:43 PM
First Global Burundi Team goes missing
http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/missing-burundi-robotics-team-members-found-safe-canada-police-confirm/ They seem to have fled to Canada seeking safe asylum.
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Today 04:40 PM
2017 Texas Robot Roundup
From the TRR email we got today from Susie Rich If you have a functioning practice bot, I'd bring it in case teams don't show. I'm not part of the committee so I don't know but if it falls under...
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Today 03:30 PM
sysProps.xml doesn't exist
Which language?
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Today 03:30 PM
Extra Flexible battery's cable
OP, 95 went with 2awg welding wire. Setup, comparison, and testing in this post. Links to PNs in this post. One of the first things we made was an SB50-SB120 interconnect to enable using our...
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Michael Hill
Today 03:21 PM
CAD Software / Setup Thoughts
Buying recent inventory from universities isn't terrible, but there are also some good deals to be had on eBay, particularly with Z480s. You can also check out Dell's small business outlet to get...
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Today 03:04 PM
Summer Heat
On behalf of those interested but sometimes unable to attend off-season events like this one, let me extend thanks to the organizers of Summer Heat for posting their event results on Blue Alliance....
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Today 02:25 PM
Ten top programming languages 2017 - IEEE
Note that Python, C, Java, and C++ are all in the top 3%. IEEE notes that, strictly speaking, HTML isn't a language, see the...
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Today 02:22 PM
Favorite 2017 Robots
2017 was pretty great. Coolest Robot: I'm a huge fan of 2848 and their drivetrain. In a year where swerve and mecanum got a lot of love, I think the "slide" drivetrain with pneumatically actuated...
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Today 02:19 PM
Keeping and teaching new members
Awesome, thank you so much for sharing. :)
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Today 12:43 PM
pic: Swerve Drive Pod 2
Definitely agreed. The main breaker is the limitation here. This is also true. The older documentation definitely was missing some things. This is not true. 6/8 of the drive motors were on...
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Today 12:34 PM
2017 Beach Bot Battle
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Today 12:16 PM
What else is there, in Indiana
I had to know what was with that station and it is actually really interesting. The Loran stations were apparently precursors to GPS. They had these giant towers that provided the same type of...
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Michael Kaurich
Today 10:13 AM
[FRC Blog] Job Openings in FIRST Robotics Competition
Assets doesn't mean cash on hand either. FIRST Place, the fields, etc etc counts in the assets category.
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Today 09:54 AM
Chezy Champs 2017
Agreed. A larger boiler and/or backboard would've been awesome to have, but the appropriate time for such changes would've been before kickoff.
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Today 07:30 AM
FIRST Global Challenge
I wonder if they'll change the selection process for some of the teams next year, especially countries with already large FIRST backgrounds (US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)
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Today 07:27 AM
[FF]: Season Long: Year in Review 2017
While I don't mind the idea on principle, it becomes a dramatic added layer of complexity for scoring. Furthermore, many areas apply a logic of "if they win a EI/CA, then they get no other awards"...
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Today 07:08 AM
pic: 10-4 Rampart! (frcguy WAI)
Love this show! Super cool man. ~KMG365
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Today 05:29 AM
Using wood in FRC
Great conversation! We typically glue and gussett as bobl pointed out. We will however, bolt wooden components to our chassis. Using wood, from an engineering (materials choice) point of view,...
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