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Tyler Olds
Today 07:21 PM
Houston Recap and FRCTop25 Tonight 8:30pm ET!
About to start hope you will join us! Https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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Today 07:15 PM
[FF]: 2018 Daly Division
Final Results:The Breakfast Company 2767 836 1024 Questionable Decisionmakers 33 4481 2170 FIRST Pick 1629 346 2706 The Lunch Company 27 3683 245 TSIMFD ...
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Today 07:12 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Medium 2767 Sweatshirt, Large 910 Sweatshirt/Shirts. Trading for either medium or large. PM me if interested in either.
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Today 07:04 PM
Roebling Match Videos?
Same thing happened to the Galileo matches.
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Meredith Novak
Today 07:03 PM
Texas Robotics Invitational 2018 - June 28-30th
323 Lights Out is very excited. Looking forward to the mentor tournament and seeing JT drive a swerve again! ~Meredith
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Today 06:29 PM
2020 game speculation
202/3 equals 67 when rounded, so it is clear that the 2023 game is a combo of the games from the years team 67 won the world championships (2005, 2009, 2010) The game will have large bumps like 2010...
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Today 06:18 PM
$25 Detroit Prediction Contest
Don't worry about it. It's all fun and games, we are friends.
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Today 06:03 PM
Horrendous calls...
Referees were instructed to do live scoring as much as possible with autonomous and end game. If a team was parked, you press park on the panel, and if they drive away you switch it to none. If a...
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Today 05:43 PM
Packing Essentials for Detroit Champs
Have I missed something? I wear shorts at most competitions.
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Today 05:38 PM
[FRC Blog] No bag for Detroit
Wohooooo! More time to work :D
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Today 05:38 PM
Slick Wheels back on AndyMark...
This could just be due to the uptick in nylon/delrin guides and spacers over bearings and PVC. I'd be more intrigued if it were sold in sheet stock instead of 2x5.5
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Today 05:26 PM
Percentage of Females participating in First teams
Hi, Does anyone know where can I find the percentage of female vs male in the general First community?
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Today 05:10 PM
pic: Our wheels from 2009, ready for 2019
There was the game title reveal at Houston Champs, and people are seeing it as a revitalized Lunacy. But yeah there is no official word about reusing lunacy wheels.
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Today 05:08 PM
Advice for Younger Teams
This is personally a big one for me. While talking to teams, I've run into many that will wordsmith sooooo hard in an attempt to make their robot look as good as possible. Makes the team very...
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Today 05:04 PM
[FF]: 2018 Archimedes Division
Updated: TBC 1114 1218 3656 QD 67 4392 6329 FP 4003 1259 870 TLC 1325 2081 3928 TSIMFD ...
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Today 04:59 PM
Detroit Load In - Security Badges?
Wednesday, April 25 6:00am - 8:00pm One person can pick up as many as they need and can choose which ones not to print yet so they can be picked up later.
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Today 04:57 PM
Trying to grow our program by building up our shop
I do not see a welder on the list. You do not need to weld to make a FRC robot. We do weld our frame and several other pieces every year. We have a welding mentor that teaches welding and every year...
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Today 04:57 PM
2019 Game Speculation
Deep space s that which is outside of the solar system. so I suspect will be more about interstellar mechanics and action. Everything about launching, orbiting, landing and rovers seems to be...
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Today 04:51 PM
$90 Houston Match Prediction Contest
I am working on the thread now.
(7,235 views, 72 replies)
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Today 04:44 PM
Roboprom tickets now on sale
I am also looking for one roboprom ticket. If anyone has an extra please PM!
(3,938 views, 27 replies)

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