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Today 11:57 AM
Cascade lift materials
Sit tight until later today... WCProducts will be releasing a complete cascade elevator kit designed by 973 with everything you need!
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Today 11:50 AM
Cool ideas for a future FIRST game
But game elements change if you are in the states vs the rest of the world.
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Today 11:50 AM
I need help with the Elevator concept
Or if you can figure out how to make two trips. ;)
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Today 11:47 AM
No elim points for RP tasks this year
In the past RP converted to 40 or 100 elimination bonus point swings , in this game they are mostly givens by the time you reach elims, ability to climb 2 or 3 with levitate and place a cube in...
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6101 Robert
Today 11:23 AM
Burn In and Prototyping
No, please do not run your versaplanetary without grease. If you look closely at the Andymark tough-box you will notice that they lack a proper involute curve*. This is why the instructions tell...
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New Lightning
Today 11:18 AM
Game plan
Great flow chart looks pretty cool. The only thing that I would have to say is that this chart completely lacks climbing potential on both sides, which could drastically effect match strategy. For...
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Today 11:16 AM
Camera for field question
There is nothing prohibiting a camera connected to the driver station, but per R100C: EDIT: sniped
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Today 11:04 AM
A team with limited resources: What two things should they focus on doing well...
Along with the obligatory 'switch and exchange, check out 118's everybot' comment, please give your electrical system some very close inspection and work. I've worked with numerous 'low resource' and...
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Today 11:02 AM
2018 POWER UP Game Manual Test
This is a very through, wonderful test! I plan on using it to test myself (as a drive coach, I hope to have a very broad knowledge of the game and positions) and my drivers. It's a wonderful tool!
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Today 10:56 AM
Best part of competitions?
My favourite part of competition has always been the general atmosphere. From smaller District Events all the way to the World Championship, the music, the excitement/nervousness of the students, the...
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Today 10:49 AM
Detroit: Airport to downtown transportation
What would be nice, and who knows, possibly something like this may already be in the works, is if FIRST or FIM offered a free shuttle service for teams arriving at the airport. It's not a long...
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 10:45 AM
FIRST Choice round 2
Also no cubes for us. But we did get a VRM, hall effect sensors, another RSL, 2 CIM motors, a Microsoft LifeCam and some reflective tape. I can't complain, we'll get more cube crates eventually....
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Today 10:12 AM
RoboRIO Warming Up?
Depends, What is your CPU usage?
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Today 09:57 AM
A CALL for Mentors!
Good Morning, As the host of the RoboZone Podcast, we are trying to extend our listening base and cover FRC Robotics outside of the State of Michigan. While we love interviewing our Mentos for those...
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Today 09:54 AM
Team Increase Causing Vendor Problems?
While I would agree that the Gen 1 Kitbot certainly raised the floor for younger (or lower resource) teams, however most of the mid and upper tier teams did not use them (I know my previous team...
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Today 09:52 AM
Unusually high memory usage by WPILib
I had done a build while connected to the internet prior to that screenshot, but I'm also kind of dumb so I may have screwed up somewhere. I'll get one of the programming students who actually know...
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Today 09:44 AM
Just a Quick Question(s)
If we want to get even deeper, then you could build a robot that can lift other robots above the 12" height requirement while still on the platform. The elevated robot will count and if you use...
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Today 09:40 AM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I have 340 shirts; I'll be at Central New York and Finger Lakes, and hopefully Detroit champs. Looking for some Ontario / California shirts.
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Jared Russell
Today 09:36 AM
No rule this year to stay above 12" after T=0
Teams pondering "jumping" or a Dukes of Hazzard-style launch would do well to read the first line of the glossary definition of CLIMBING.
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Kevin Sevcik
Today 09:36 AM
Current draw of stalling motors to hold up an arm?
If you're already using JVN, it gives you the required current when moving and loaded. Torque in a DC motor proportional to current. If it takes 50A to lift your load, it takes at most 50A to hold...
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