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Today 10:09 AM
paper: Badlog Data Logging
Thread created automatically to discuss a document in CD-Media. Badlog Data Logging by dominikWin
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Nate Laverdure
Today 10:09 AM
paper: Converting Festo's flow rate spec to Cv
Thread created automatically to discuss a document in CD-Media. Converting Festo's flow rate spec to Cv by Nate Laverdure
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Today 10:09 AM
paper: Guide to the FRC MCC - Spectrum 3847
Thread created automatically to discuss a document in CD-Media. Guide to the FRC MCC - Spectrum 3847 by AllenGregoryIV
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Today 10:04 AM
Detroit Championship Housing FYI
I am sure FIRST/Experiant is going to be notifying everyone, but if you booked rooms at the Edward Hotel and Convention Center they are no longer valid as the hotel has been condemned! You can read...
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Today 09:56 AM
FIRST: Please simplify parent and student consent.
We put together a guide for our students and parents to help them register this year. It is similar to the one The MilkenKnights have put out, but in NC we have an additional state specific...
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Today 09:44 AM
My robot is better than your robot
Did they have Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs instead of the real Steve Jobs? Hahaha. Seems counter-productive to the intent of that video
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Today 09:33 AM
Electrical Boards and wire management
Sure, here's a graphical comparison I made a while back that might help explain it better: https://i.imgur.com/GRXyatal.png (Click for larger image) Basically, all I'm doing is moving the point...
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Today 09:32 AM
Teacher and FRC Coach on TV
Congratulations to Mr. Glassett, Head Coach of the Stormbots 2811, for recent recognition on the TV news! Nice to see some great press about FRC and the...
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Today 09:15 AM
Deep Space in a Nutshell
It would require the ability to disable a bot, maybe for a short time, after being hit, unless the bot had to pick up a game object that also acted as a target. It was done before in the last...
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Today 09:14 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #754
2017 teams that picked fuel in lieu of gears had a terrible bot for the season. 2017 teams that picked gears in lieu of fuel had a terrible bot for demoing the off season.
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Today 09:01 AM
Roaring Riptide's (Re)Branding Guide
Great document! A lot of thought goes into making the parts of the robot work well together, but a lot of teams donít think at all about making their branding similarly cohesive. In my time on 423 we...
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Today 08:14 AM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
Fair points!
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Today 07:59 AM
Looking for recommendations
When the question is consumer electronics, Wirecutter has never steered me wrong. That goes for everything from Qi chargers to rechargeable AAs to pico projectors to cheap Windows laptops.
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Today 06:41 AM
Will the Ri3D Channel Still Post Other Team's Content?
Yeah I think you're right. The more I think about it, it starts to make more sense.
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Today 04:49 AM
[FF]: [FF]: [FFAI]: Fantasy FIRST AI Signup Thread
1. WHR1 (jtrv) 2. BrebBot (BrennanB) 3. The Most Questionable Decisionmaker (Brian Maher, TDav540, saikiranra, Kellen Hill) 4. Team Lean Cuisine (cobbie, hailey.faiella, Attention(Chezy Cake)) 5....
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Today 04:36 AM
chain in tube experiences
That's interesting, thanks for the input! I know you can buy pre-worn chain that already has the wear taken out of it, but I didn't know what else affects it. I should have said that with Vex chain...
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Today 04:27 AM
Introducing the new TubeMagic Fixturing System
The only thing that would make me love this even more is if between every other toggle clamp there were alternating vertical and horizontal slots for a bolt to go directly into a T-slot nut. That...
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Today 03:18 AM
Whatís Your FRC EDC?
Nice Bendix King radio you got there. Am a fan.
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Today 01:16 AM
[FF]: 2019 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
QD and TGA have agreed to a trade, swapping third round picks at LA TGA receives: 2496 at Los Angeles Regional QD receives: 5512 at Los Angeles Regional
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Tom Line
Yesterday 11:47 PM
Influence the development of FIRST's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion tools...
I'm a little confused. Was this survey created by FIRST? I'm away from my work email so I don't get their email blasts right now.
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