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Yesterday 11:42 PM
Assembling VexPro 2-CIM Ball Shifter Gearboxes?
On 115 we just used regular pliers and forced them on. Make sure the grooves are the correct size though; it can be hard to get an accurate fit. Circlips are sometimes a lot easier to get on, as long...
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Yesterday 11:29 PM
[FTC]: How can I effectively mentor an FTC team?
This will be my 2nd year of mentoring our middle school's FTC teams, but I think that I can do better. Any advice, in terms of dealing with middle schoolers , or otherwise is appreciated.
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Yesterday 10:41 PM
FIRST Global Challenge Competition
Shoutout to Team Malta! Doing great! Glad we could help you guys out! Any other teams here part of the Global STEM Corps and helped mentor a FIRST GLOBAL Team?
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Yesterday 10:34 PM
pic: Low Profile Fully Enclosed Swerve
Looks pretty cool, any chance we could get some CAD files or some cutaway views to see whats going on in there?
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Yesterday 10:11 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Crisis! Chris has gotten much better, but any time the robot does something stupid, whether or not programming is the suspected cause of the issue, people now yell "Crisis!"
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Yesterday 10:03 PM
Team 5818 Differential Swerve Drive
It's true that we have to manually zero the modules at power-on, but that's the same as if we had an encoder on the steering that wasn't an absolute one. We could zero at at the start of the match a...
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Yesterday 03:28 PM
Team Name Mishaps
Well since most people say it as 1-48, he was probably saying it to be different. Also "Catorce Ocho" is "14-8" in Spanish. That's what i think at least.
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Yesterday 03:22 PM
Help with Wordpress
Thanks to the people that responded about Wordpress last fall. Delmarvarobotics.org is up and running. The site is pretty data driven with Organizations being linked to Robots, Events are...
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Caleb Sykes
Yesterday 03:21 PM
paper: Miscellaneous Statistics Projects 2018
I've just uploaded a sheet called "live_win_probabilit ies" which has win probabilities at every second of the match for each match in my data set. Only about 10% of matches are in this data set, I...
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Yesterday 02:27 PM
Shadetree Robotics signs off
Sad to hear that. Your team will be missed.
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Tom Line
Yesterday 02:03 PM
Rubber Belting
Back in our no-money days we did exactly what you suggested. The first time we drilled it on our drill press and installed a hub - and a year or two later we hex broached them. We also used...
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Yesterday 12:42 PM
4130 Off-Season
https://imgur.com/gallery/MlO9yuV Here are some more images of their hook and pull away option added this week.
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Yesterday 11:41 AM
2018 MC Costume Ideas
I typically stick with my red and blue Lei and my teal shirt covered in small Pikachus. Light weight and loved by many.
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Yesterday 08:15 AM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
I'm curious, do you think a big part of getting a DOC that large is the width of the bit? We typically stick with 4mm endmills for convenience, but on large jobs blasting through full DOC would...
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