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Today 10:13 PM
Radio Connectivity Issues with 2018 Driver Station
Ah, gotcha. Yeah I had installed gdb but not the debug libc. Here's a dump with the thread db. Thanks! Ron
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Joe Ross
Today 10:04 PM
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 'No Camera Selection' in Dashboard
Have you looked at the simple vision example?
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Today 09:35 PM
Best part of competitions?
For regionals id say my favorite part is Chairman's, I love nothing more than getting to share all of my team's hardwork with the judges. At Champs my favorite part last year was when my coach took...
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Tom Bottiglieri
Today 09:35 PM
Detecting an Object by size
Shape is a better filter. Try looking at the ratio of width vs. height.
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Today 09:34 PM
987 Tragic News
This is very sad. My thoughts are with the team. Gracious Professionalism always makes people feel better about themselves when they walk away from you. "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you...
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Today 09:29 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #706
Programming by osmosis worked just as poorly in 2013 as it does today. Also, me, at my mother's kitchen table at the end of the Saints/Vikings game Sunday, though I probably made a louder thunk as...
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Today 09:16 PM
Detroit: Airport to downtown transportation
Check that whatever service you choose has rights to go to the airport. They have to pay a fee to the airport authority.
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Today 09:14 PM
LiveWindow, SmartDash, SmartDash 2.0, Shuffleboard?
We are not using Eclipse. Is this the best place to download shuffleboard from? http://first.wpi.edu/FRC/roborio/maven/release/edu/wpi/first/shuffleboard/app/1.0.0/ And if so, should we rename...
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Today 09:10 PM
2018 Team Update 03
Actually, in Arabic, numbers are presented from least significant to most significant as moving from right to left, which is equivalent to presenting them from most significant to least significant...
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Today 08:44 PM
[FRC Blog] Develop Ethics Canons before the Crisis
Working on a GP pep talk for Saturday as I type!
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Mark McLeod
Today 08:38 PM
Double Solenoid Programming
That example is still valid. But the more current LabVIEW examples are at: http://www.team358.org/files/programming/ControlSystem2015-2019/labview/index.php#DoubleSole noid
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Today 08:37 PM
Motor climber issues
One more data point: last year we climbed with one CIM and a 1/2" hex shaft as a "drum" quite rapidly (
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Today 08:23 PM
Motor Question
As to the AndyMark PG gearmotors: If it has a 9015 motor (smaller diameter motor than gearbox), you're clear, by row 4 of $33, but can't use a relay, and only use one per motor controller per the...
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Thad House
Today 08:17 PM
Building cscore example code
No, you would need to build it on the jetson itself. There is some oddities in the opencv on the jetson that makes a cross compile difficult. However, the cmake 3.3 requirement is a windows thing,...
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Today 08:13 PM
"Output not updated often enough." while using Differential Drive
A general troubleshooting technique in cases like this is to reduce the program to the minimum code necessary - no sensors, etc. and code to run just one motor, and troubleshoot from there.
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Today 08:13 PM
Motion Profiling with Pathfinder and Talon SRX
We're using Motion Magic successfully with Talon SRX control, which calculates the profile for you, given the desired end position, max velocity, and max acceleration. The control is completely...
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Today 08:08 PM
Electrical planning
Cardboard; what a concept. After figuring out what we need on the board, we usually do layout with the components on a piece of plastic pegboard, then start affixing components to the board and...
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Today 07:59 PM
How to Set Control Mode within new CTRE library?
Until this year, the method to set the control mode to position in C++ for a CANTalon was SetControlMode(CANSp eedController::kPosi tion) I was browsing through the API for the new method signature and...
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Today 07:50 PM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
Well, we have stopped development on a horizontal roller intake. We got a bunch of materials for the bottom of the intake to test with, and had about zero luck. The big difference we identified with...
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Today 07:43 PM
"WPILib C++ Deploy" isn't doing anything
Having eclipse build a new workspace worked. I just renamed it and then re-imported all of my old projects. Thank you!
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