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Yesterday 11:44 PM
Pathfinder returning infinity?
What value are you using for your period? Typically, the most common value I've found is 0.05, but there have been some examples that use 0.005. When originally implementing Pathfinder for my own...
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Yesterday 11:27 PM
Texas Districts: Questions that need answers!
That is what I was going to say. If 568 has to play 2 district events, then it would make sense that the NM teams have to, as well. UP teams used to face this issue in the early days of FiM...
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Yesterday 10:44 PM
Team 1678 Citrus Circuits 2018 CAD Release
We don't currently. We haven't yet had an issue where we might need current limiting. EDIT: this is just for drivetrains. We do current limiting in some way on almost every mechanism that uses...
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Yesterday 10:07 PM
2018 IRI - Indiana Robotics Invitational
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Tyler Olds
Yesterday 10:02 PM
BIG BANG! 2018
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Yesterday 09:01 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Big Bang 2018
Ribet ribet with 503
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Brian M
Yesterday 06:09 PM
Could you please link that again, thanks!
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Yesterday 05:35 PM
Is it a sammich?
So by your rules, burgers are only sometimes sandwiches? I agree about American cheese, especially the types that aren't actually cheese (Kraft singles). I voted True Neutral, though I think I'm...
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Yesterday 05:25 PM
Power Up in HTML
So I showed this to my team today during a meeting, and some of us spent the remainder of the meeting playing and we had so much fun. We love your work! Also, would you be opposed to modification...
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Peter Salisbury
Yesterday 05:02 PM
Best Practices for Modular Intakes?
This is a very good summary of what is needed for an intake. After both struggling with fuel in the 2017 season and watching some awesome gear ground pickups I studied until arriving at essentially...
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Yesterday 04:53 PM
FRC Gameplan (2018) Strategy App
I am proud to present an update to FRC GamePlan for the 2018 Game, FIRST Power Up! GamePlan is a novel Android application that allows teams to effectively strategize upcoming matches by configuring...
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Yesterday 03:30 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #728
Imagine what they could do if only they had 6 weeks to build a robot, not 3 days.
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Yesterday 01:30 PM
Absolute Encoder Mounting
An easy way to mount MA3s is to drill out/ream the center of your shaft to 0.25", then cut a small slit into the shaft with a bandsaw. Slide the MA3 in, and use a shaft collar to compress the shaft...
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Yesterday 12:16 PM
Shaft Collars
I never said that they were. FrankJ covered the two likely causes well I think. I'm going to leave it at that.
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Tyler Olds
Yesterday 10:40 AM
Trivia Night is back & IRI History w/ Andy Baker!
Thank you to those who joined us last night for trivia and IRI history with Andy Baker! If you didn't catch some of the amazing history to IRI check it out on YouTube:...
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Kevin Leonard
Yesterday 10:23 AM
Favorite 2018 Robots
I don't know about that. The difference between the way a robot like 3357 plays the game and the way a robot like 195 plays the game is pretty striking, despite both being top tier robots. The...
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Koko Ed
Yesterday 10:19 AM
Rah Cha Cha Ruckus 2018
Ruckus Volunteer Registration is now open!
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Yesterday 09:51 AM
Tableau for 2019 Season?
I would like to challenge Tableau to jump in deeper! Provide a server with the connections to the FIRST API's so students can immediately start playing with data from last year and thank about how...
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Yesterday 09:24 AM
Who is the best necromancer?
4 weeks, 5 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes :) EDIT: I apparently don't know how to calculate time. Carry on from the previous post.
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Yesterday 07:16 AM
Grasshopper End Mill Giveaway
I'm not going to be accepting any more requests, but those who have submitted requests can still submit PayPal payments through Thursday. I am thinking that we'll ship Friday or Saturday. So far we...
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