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Today 04:05 PM
Are Pathfinder paths continuous in curvature?
How do you check to see if your rate of change of wheel velocities doesn't exceed the available acceleration at that speed? And if it does, what do you do then? Reduce the overall speed?
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Today 03:48 PM
https://s10.postimg.org/sg3yk9csp/1939_Sir_Bedevere.pn g TEAM 1939 PROUDLY PRESENTS: SIR BEDEVERE THE WISE: LINK ROBOT SPECS IN DESCRIPTION
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Today 03:36 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - Grabbing the Rung
I posted a picture of our bot yesterday, does anyone have an idea how to keep our hook attached to the claw until we are ready to hook it onto the bar? We don't want it to fall off during the match.
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Today 03:32 PM
[FF]: Canadian Rockies 2018 Tier 2
Swap MIA 6406 for 5078, please.
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Today 03:28 PM
[FF]: 2018 Oklahoma
TSIMFD swaps the MIA 2950 with 2165. TSIMFD 3478 5550 2165 Blucifer 6026 1448 4005 The Breakfast Company 1806 1785 5730 Falcon ...
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Today 03:24 PM
[FF]: Hub City 2018
Falcon replaces 1164 (MIA) with 1642.The Lunch Company 1619 7271 5613 Blucifer 4063 5866 3366 The Kellen Hill Fan Club 3005 6993 ...
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Today 03:20 PM
pic: M'Aiken Magic - 2018
I wanted to see a team use a vacuum intake for a while now. I feel like the idea's just been collecting dust.
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Today 03:19 PM
[FF]: SBPLI #2 2018
Falcon swaps 7300 (MIA) for 545.The Breakfast Company 3015 6806 1468 The Lunch Company 1796 533 806 NASUH 2875 601 1554 Hammerheads ...
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Today 03:17 PM
[FF]: Monterrey 2018
Falcon swaps out missing team 6903 with team 4746. Blucifer 3478 6017 5948 Questionable Decisionmakers 3158 6853 6848 The Lunch Company 4401 3526 ...
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Today 03:17 PM
Some interesting photos found in STEAMWORKS scene
I read this whole thread thinking there would be some interesting recent development at the end ... I feel let down.
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Today 03:15 PM
Dropping 7102 (MIA) for 7309, and updating team list to current.NASUH 2410 2957 1982 DFrostU 525 6317 5837 TSIMFD ...
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Today 03:10 PM
[FF]: Laguna Regional 2018
Falcon swaps 6966 (MIA) for 6608Blucifer 2283 5093 4262 Hammerheads 4400 6832 7217 First Pick 3158 3480 7046 Falcon ...
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Today 03:04 PM
Lead Screw scissor lift
Yes, you are right about both:)
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Today 02:59 PM
3863 Pantherbotics 2018 Robot Reveal
They're not. The white airtanks are P/N RC2.5X12-N02 from SMC, so no exploding tanks here! We had fun putting egregious amounts of tape on our air tanks, but it was ripped off shortly before bag and...
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Today 02:56 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Hey everyone! I'm from Spectrum 3847. We have t-shirts, button downs (long and short sleeve), hoodies, and hats. I trade for smalls and mediums, but I can get any size for you. We'll be at Lone...
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Today 02:55 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Waiver Draft #4 is now up! Happy claiming! Oh, and in no particular order, the MIA team list, which is kind of depressing: Event MIA Hub City 1164 (Falcon), 3005 (KHFC), 3997 (NASUH), 5986...
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Today 02:54 PM
[FF]: Waiver Draft #4 (2018)
This is the final pre-competition waiver draft for this year. As a reminder, the remaining waivers will be aimed at allowing list changes. In case anybody's forgotten, the rules are that if you make...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 02:37 PM
FRC Team 4607 helping other to reach new heights...
https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163 056&highlight=4607
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Today 02:36 PM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
A few early thoughts, but after week 1 we will all have a better idea: 1. Every robot doing the scale will drop cubes. They will do it on their own and they will do it constantly if defense is being...
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Today 02:33 PM
We Need Bumper Help
When providing dimensions, you will need to be very accurate. You should also make clear if you are measuring the metal frame or if you are including any "minor protrusions". It might be best to...
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