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Jeremy Germita
Today 01:37 PM
Mock FRC Game - Destination: Deepest Space
2.5/10 not enough massive structures that obstruct drivers' view.
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Today 01:24 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #753
Student in white: Subtract, subtract, subtract. Why's it always gotta be taking away. Why can't we add? Student in black: Them's dangerous thoughts. You'd best be sticking to your G code.
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Tyler Olds
Today 01:16 PM
FRC Deep Dive with FRC1678 Citrus Circuits Tues 8:30pm Eastern
Fantastic turnout last night! Thank you to FRC1678 Citrus Circuits for taking the time to unveil the curtain into their team inter-workings! If you missed last nights episode, here are the...
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Richard Wallace
Today 11:52 AM
AM in the PM Ep. 08 - Raptors and Cannon Balls
Yep. Andy is correct as usual. We have not broken any Rev 4 pulleys. All the breakage we did see was caused by impacts that would be extreme in any game other than Stronghold. That game beat many...
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Today 10:34 AM
Team 5404 modular drivebase
Neat concept, but I would be concerned about maintaining proper gear mesh to the output gear on your main drive axle.
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Sky Captain
Today 09:44 AM
Need help with I2C Communication between RoboRio and Arduino
I'm at work atm, and don't have my personal laptop, but I've gone through this, and I can post code that I knows works when I get home. I ran into this same issue when I was fooling with an Arduino...
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Today 09:14 AM
FRC Blog - Space at Regionals and a Shopping List
When I saw this item in the list, I had to stop and reread it twice to make sure I was seeing it correctly. I then called over my programming lead and made sure they were ready to do some visual...
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Today 08:28 AM
2019 Game Speculation
If floppies are in this year's game I'll die.. How the hell do you even deal with those things?
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Today 08:00 AM
How often do you update your signature?
Once or twice a year, usually based on when inspiration hits or I realize something there has changed. Mostly I jump over them unless I notice something changed, and I somewhat regularly look at the...
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Today 07:19 AM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Single flutes are under router bits at Mcmaster https://www.mcmaster.com/3317a23
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Today 04:16 AM
New Motion Sensor
Joe - thank you again for your valuable insight. It appears that you are right about Timer.delay() only supporting millisecond accuracy. It's just a simple wrapper around the less precise version of...
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Today 02:00 AM
2019 Digital Animation Award question?
Best of luck to the participants. I can't wait to find out who will be able to win the Digital Animation award.
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Today 12:41 AM
Drivetrain design for difficult terrain
Thank you! I'm glad to hear that WCD worked for you. Wiring is something we will do a thorough check for when we get our robot done early :D I will definitely be using a larger gear for our...
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #752
I promise I haven't forgotten about you. :) First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 09:51 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] South Pacific Regional 2019
TDC 5663 6524 6575 1.21 GW 5985 2437 7588 FC 6508 6035 6083 TBC 3132 7719 7733 FP 4774 4270 4729 JSM 5584 7433 7734 QD 6579 6393 6520 TSIMFD 6007 7838 6997 TGA ...
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Yesterday 09:50 PM
[FF]: North Carolina District 2019
FC 1533 5544 4829 TBC 2642 5160 4828 FP 3506 1225 2640 JSM 2655 6729 7443 QD 5190 6500 4534 TSIMFD 3822 6004 6332 TGA 3196 435 7715 MB ...
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Yesterday 08:55 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] St. Louis 2019 Tier 1
Final results:1.21 GW 1259 1208 7435 The Breakfast Company 4143 4329 3397 Justin and the Silver Medalists 1706 4256 7746 TSIMFD ...
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Yesterday 08:47 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] St. Louis 2019 Tier 2
Final results:Flux Capacity 1706 7117 6391 FIRST Pick 1259 1208 706 Questionable Decisionmakers 4143 4931 4500 The Good Attempt ...
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018
Thanks a ton for this! I did reply also, hopefully I didn't need to post here... Really hoping to get that elevator assembly.
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Yesterday 08:06 PM
FIRST Thanksgiving Fundraising Email
I found that this one was sent directly to my spam folder despite my never having touched any spam functionality on my account. Never mind the fact that, yes, I was expecting a fundraising appeal,...
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