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Andrew Duerner
Today 01:20 PM
Lessons learned and new strategies created
Since you asked, yeah that was one of those "that didn't quite go as planned moments." We had an all scale alliance that had some defensive capable drivetrains. Our robot was having issues with...
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Today 01:17 PM
FRC 174 Code and Simulator
Interesting, it just worked for me at work... Well here is my response to that persons issue Simulator quickstart needs to be updated. Probably will push this till after ship (plus a R&R period)....
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Today 01:17 PM
Placing a cube on the switch from the backside during autonomous
Yeah, my solution isn't viable for most robots. 5115 happens to have an arm that goes out to 16" past the frame at its max AND a bumper gap in the front of our robot.
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Today 01:14 PM
Removing E4T encoder from Toughbox Mini
We use a lot of the same encoders, and there's no easy method to get the optical disk off of the gearbox shaft that I've come across. For me, it takes a very small screwdriver and strong reading...
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Today 01:12 PM
Team Fusion 364 - 2018 Bayou Improvements
This is really cool! Iím sure myself and the more programming minded team me members would love to talk to you guys about this soon.
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Today 01:11 PM
Best Pits?
I'm partial to 701's new custom pit setup. Not really sure of the official name but I'm in awe every time a photo rolls around.
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Today 01:10 PM
pic: NoMythic - Tempest
Also if anyone has any design questions about the robot feel free to ask I will answer them.
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Today 12:56 PM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
Did anyone at the townhall articulate why FIRST wants to have districts follow state lines? I don't quite understand why they would want to do that. Also, what is the status on earning points in...
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Nate Laverdure
Today 12:55 PM
paper: Using 4 AWG with the Anderson SB50
Yep! The picture on the bottom of page 3 shows a cylinder with diameter 0.245 in and a 45-deg chamfer about 20% of the size of the diameter. This worked just OK-- the ID of the fitting swaged out...
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Today 12:52 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - CLIMB MECH FAILURE
I haven't read through the entire thread, so forgive me for repeated information. Based off of the pictures you posted, you're using aluminum extrusions that simply aren't made to withstand the...
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Today 12:44 PM
FRC Team 3572 Wavelength 2018 Robot Picture
You seem to be 3069 team numbers off.
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Today 12:40 PM
Best Scale Robots
We start by carefully filling the bottom layer so as to make a stable second layer. Even when solo scaling, creating a stable bottom, though giving a short run disadvantage, allows for more cubes...
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Today 12:39 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #715
One season with Glass on the sidelines was enough. For Recycle Rush, STEMPunks were looking to recruit a student named Polycarbonate for human player.
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Today 12:38 PM
pic: Proposed WOW District Locations
It makes me laugh when ever people suggest that the district would be too big or there's not enough team density. The Ontario district is 9 times the size of Ohio. We have multiple teams within our...
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Today 12:33 PM
Greater Kansas City and Heartland Regionals 2018
To begin, I'd like to thank Robert Dumler and his group for putting on a terrific event. We have traveled to events in other districts, but few match the quality of GKC and we're always excited to...
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Evan Smith
Today 12:15 PM
FRC Team 503 - Frog Force Robot
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Today 12:08 PM
paper: Caleb's Scouting Database 2018
thanks again Caleb for the great work with the Excel sheet and analysis. Also thanks to Alicia for putting together the tableau published dashboards. We're headed to our first competition this week...
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Today 11:54 AM
2018 Smoky Mountain Regional
Hope everyone has a safe drive to Knoxville today and enjoys our beautiful spring winter weather!
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Today 11:40 AM
Attaching sprockets to axles
I would also recommend getting some hex spacers. They can be used to space sprockets and bearings throughout the shaft and are available in different lengths and sizes. Also, the hubbed sprocket...
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Today 11:30 AM
Battery Cart
It's not clear if you are agreeing or disagreeing.
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