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Today 06:43 PM
Scanning for motor type
If your device is on PWM or Relay ports, there is no feedback path to determine if there is a device on the other end, much less what it is. So, if you mean Talon SRs or Victor SPs or SRXs or SPXs...
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Today 05:47 PM
Inexpensive tools that changed your build
I actually own all three of theses sets. Thar Harbor freight ones sucked. Managed to crack a handle and they'd round out all the time. Stand was really annoying to use. Thankfully they were cheap...
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Today 05:45 PM
Pathfinder returning infinity?
Most of our work this year was guess-and-check, since this was our first year working with any type of implementation of motion profiling. We first estimated the paths that we wanted to run by...
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Today 05:27 PM
[FF]: [OFF] MidKnight Mayhem Tier 2
Final Scores: Brian Maher 159 Golfer4646 145 Kevin Leonard 144 Hailey.faiella 123 Vale 123 pchild 108 tmpoles 104 mman1506 103
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Today 05:25 PM
[FF]: [OFF] MidKnight Mayhem 2018
Final Scores: Brian Maher 159 Golfer4646 145 Kevin Leonard 144 Hailey.faiella 123 Vale 123 pchild 108 tmpoles 104 mman1506 103
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Today 03:08 PM
General Swerve advice
Hi, I'm working on designing a swerve module for my team and I'm looking for some tips from teams who have experience with swerve drive who could share any of the knowledge on what works and what...
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Today 02:54 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Big Bang 2018
Final Scores: brennanb 113 brian maher 96 pchild 83 hitchhiker 42 82 prathikm 76 kingthefirst 68 mman1506 67 mman1506 67
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Dan T.
Today 12:13 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #728
The two poor souls here were both late to our last meeting.
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Tyler Olds
Today 09:27 AM
Big Bang! Competition Webcast
Day 2 of quals and playoffs going on RIGHT NOW! Come watch and chat with us! https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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Today 08:36 AM
New HBO documentary on Dean Kamen and FRC
I came across this new short documentary on Dean Kamen and FRC last night
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Jon K.
Today 08:15 AM
OmniWheel Source
Is it just the rollers that are worn out? If so, we sell replacement rollers here: http://www.andymark.com/Replacement-roller-set-for-6-omni-wheel-p/am-0240.htm
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Today 06:56 AM
Advantages of a west coast drive....
To me the main advantages are the ability to pick the exact position of the wheels, be able to tension the belts or re-tension the chains when they get loose and that the WCD has COTS designed...
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Today 12:07 AM
Beach Bot Battle 2018
We have Mini-Koopa mostly together - we'll finish up the initial build and demo at a STEM event at St. Tammany Middle tomorrow this morning. Still a few tweaks to go, and we need to get cracking on...
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Yesterday 11:57 PM
Destination Deep Space images
Posted here for those of you who don't get the e-mail. Also, since the e-mail went out, FIRST has added a white-on- single color version of the logo that should look great on black or midnight blue.
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Yesterday 11:12 PM
Best Practices for Modular Intakes?
Strap in kids, lots of information in this next post here, so I'll try to sort it as best as possible: There are 4 major types of intakes that I know of, but I will only be discussing two, the two...
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Yesterday 09:42 PM
What COTS parts would you like to see?
A 24t GT2 Pulley that isn't sold out
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