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Today 02:46 AM
Team 4159 CardinalBotics Offseason Robot - Red Dwarf
https://i.imgur.com/iTwTumn.jpg Team 4159 is excited to showcase our 2017 offseason robot, Red Dwarf! Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uojpIY4Nbhg. This 18"x18" 4-MiniCIM gearbot...
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Today 02:29 AM
pic: Team 6619 off season drive train
Thank you for the kind words! I would definitely consider going to only two bearing on the gearbox shaft. I haven't experienced any binding issues yet, but will keep this in mind for the future....
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Today 01:33 AM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Looking at a minor schedule change this weekend. My schedule is pretty badly crushed all week**, so Waiver #2 will do a long, mostly* untimed run over Christmas (and I know there's at least one team...
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Today 01:04 AM
FRC Team 1296 Annual 2017 Car Raflle
Rockwall Ford and the Full Metal Jackets congratulate Scott Ragsdill of Rockwall, winner of the 2017 Car Raffle. Thanks for your support!
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Today 12:48 AM
Aerospace Valley Regional 2018
For the past ~13 years, Robodox has hosted a Robot FIRST Aid Station at all of our events to help other teams with finding parts, troubleshooting code, printing things, and generally trying to help...
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Today 12:43 AM
From where does your team buy its 12 & 18 ga wire connectors (including terminals)?
Have you considered the quality of your final crimps or crimping tools?
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Yesterday 11:42 PM
3d printers
It appears to be Ultem 9095.
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Yesterday 10:10 PM
Belly Pan
Bitbuckets can probably talk about laser cutting, since they routinely make their whole robot out of laser-cut plywood.
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Yesterday 09:20 PM
Why should you split up robot control?
We took a hybrid apprach this year, and it worked really well for us. All of our subsystems have "semi-automatic" controls on the gamepad used by our driver, and as long as things are working...
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Yesterday 08:46 PM
Limelight Pre-Orders Now Open
Thanks, Karthik. We hope to turn the docs into an all-around educational resource for vision, even for teams that don't use Limelight. Marshall and other beta testers certainly helped us focus on...
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Yesterday 08:42 PM
[FF]: Hawai'i Regional 2018 Tier One
And we're done! Falcon 359 288 244 NASUH 4253 1661 3721 DFrostU 368 2439 2444 First Pick 1622 4270 6704 The Lunch...
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Yesterday 08:35 PM
[FF]: Hawai'i Regional 2018 Tier Two
And that's a wrap! Cup Of Joe 4253 2444 6704 Hammerheads 359 6909 7069 Questionable Decisionmakers 368 4774 3882 The Kellen Hill Fan Club ...
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Yesterday 08:19 PM
[FF]: Hudson Valley 2018
The Breakfast Company 2590 6911 6969 Falcon 229 3017 395 Cup Of Joe 3419 6401 6806 NASUH 1796 4571 5202 Hammerheads ...
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Yesterday 07:31 PM
Get camera feed to custom webdashboard
cscore does that for you when you call .startAutomaticCaptu re.
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Thad House
Yesterday 07:26 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
Working on some testing for latency between a Pi and a RoboRIO, I was able to get the following graph. https://imgur.com/9NEYNVE.png This is the latency in ms between setting new data on the...
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Yesterday 07:19 PM
[FF]: Silicon Valley 2018
Cup Of Joe 254 6418 6665 NASUH 971 751 2144 Hammerheads 973 6884 7317 DFrostU ...
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Yesterday 07:16 PM
Presentations/Activities on Gracious Professionalism?
Thanks! If you happen to spot any good material on the subject, please post here! TIA
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Yesterday 06:48 PM
Frame not found?
I've posted about vision help before on here and what people were able to give me helped a ton. I'm extremely new to vision, fairly new to FIRST, and somewhat experienced with Java, so I'm obviously...
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Yesterday 06:04 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you going?
I got an acceptance letter from Illinois Institute of Technology last week, including their VERY generous FIRST scholarship. I'm still waiting on Colorado School of Mines and UT Austin, but IIT is...
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Yesterday 05:57 PM
pic: DataZ for FRC: Full Field View? Why not DataZ?
I see, I guess I misunderstood the timescale implied by "potential." It would certainly be interesting to see what happens if FIRST fully endorses this product and works on its development over the...
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