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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Need help with choosing Versa-planetary redaction stages
As an acoustician, I tend to think of speed in terms of octaves. When expressed in octaves, normally multiplying/dividing gear reductions become adding/subtracting. VP single stages then...
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Matthew Walstra
Yesterday 09:57 PM
Installing NDK for Android studio
I've downloaded the Cheesy Poofs 2017 cheesydroid vision app into Android Studio on Windows 10. I downloaded ndk-14 (The most recent ndk version doesn't work with the app) and Android Studio...
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Tom Line
Yesterday 09:18 PM
FRC Blog - 2019 Motor Controllers and MXP
Doh! My mistake then.
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 09:12 PM
Registration 2019
Here's where the teams currently registered for 3 district events are from/playing: 1 ----- GA 1 ----- IN 3 ----- CHS 10 ---- NE 13 ---- Mar 14 ---- ...
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Yesterday 08:34 PM
Ways to organize a new community team?
Insurance is a must and can run several thousands a year, so affiliating with a group is a good first step. How do you plan to fund the team? Do you have access to enough corporate sponsors?...
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Yesterday 08:27 PM
Welding polycord belts with a hot plate.
Oh thanks a lot this is perfect. My team will probably use hotplates in this upcoming season if required.
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Yesterday 07:55 PM
Writing code for a color sensor
You might find this post useful: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181 588
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Richard Wallace
Yesterday 07:49 PM
Bagging your robot in 18.36 seconds
That, or maybe Sabre Dance? My suggested theme comes from the famed "Last Night of the Proms", a fine UK tradition with its own set of common themes. I don't recommend any of them. Especially not...
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Ken Streeter
Yesterday 07:40 PM
Best wheel options?
Just as a data point, 1519 also uses 6" pneumatic tires/wheels for a lot of our robots. For the reasons you mention (high grip and slight give) they are a good choice for many games. They have been...
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Yesterday 06:25 PM
How does your school categorized your FIRST team?
Our team combines two different schools in two different districts, so both of them try to pretend the other has responsibility haha. But we are just considered a normal club at both schools and...
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Yesterday 06:17 PM
Laptop help
8gb ram is good enough but it'll complain less if you go to 16gb. The XPS 15 has been pretty sweet for CAD laptops.
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Yesterday 05:55 PM
No Robot, No Problem...Pirates - Arrrg!
Well, it seems like my last post generated some interest, so here is another... I have produced a series of videos which demonstrate the use of the "bus pirate" to integration test hardware without...
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Yesterday 04:38 PM
Burlingame FTC Qualifier Rover Ruckus 2018
Stream of Burlingame Qualifying Tournament at Burlingame High School Hosted by FTC 7316 and FRC 5026 The Iron Panthers Come check out the...
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Yesterday 04:14 PM
Gradle- Building vision code on Pi 3
I have done a lot of this work for you and produced a series of videos you might find...
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Yesterday 02:43 PM
Team 973 Signing Off
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Brian Gray
Yesterday 01:14 PM
paper: Roboting: A Guide for Total Noobs
Thanks for the kind words! I am currently working on revisions and added content with a drop dead release date of Monday, December 10. The current version is essentially unfinished, not to mention...
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Yesterday 12:47 PM
New Hardware Support?
The Spark MAX will definitely be supported for PWM -- that's super simple. I haven't seen their API for anything advanced yet, but if it's not terrible and weird it will probably be supportable.
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Yesterday 12:24 PM
pic: Over-Tube-Gearbox (Yet Another Neo Transmission)
Would you use this with a 5mm or 3mm belt?
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Yesterday 11:09 AM
2018 Alliance Selection Results
1) won, 3) finalist
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Yesterday 10:09 AM
33 The Killer Bees - 2018 Swerve Module
The driving gear was a 44T VEX aluminum gear. No lubricant of any kind between the 44T aluminum gear and the 64T printed gear. We had no issues; there was even plenty of carpet gunk that got in the...
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