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Today 07:15 AM
2019 Game Speculation
And the scouts...
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Today 07:10 AM
Full Field View Only PLEASE
I'll +1 full field only, not only is it more useful for both scouts and drive teams looking to review matches after the event, but general watchers will get a better idea of the game and will be able...
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Hitchhiker 42
Today 07:07 AM
694 StuyPulse Auton Compilation
This looks awesome! Looking forward to competing with you all!
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Today 07:01 AM
State grants for FIRST teams
New Hampshire does have similar legislation (although I can't find the bill and such). It boils down to $6500 a season for two seasons, with $5k straight to FIRST and 1500 to the team for a teachers...
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Kristian Calhoun
Today 07:01 AM
FRC 747 Flight Crew presents: Baby Wheels!
Seconding everything everyone else has already said. 747 was regularly filling the vault in 60 seconds at MAR Champs and will be a great asset to any alliance on Daly!
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Today 06:35 AM
SCRIW VIII (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops 2018)
Even if I donít attend with a team, I hope to make it out to at least watch. We attended in 2016, and it was a blast! Itís great knowing we have an off-season in Columbia!
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Today 06:27 AM
Cobo Level 2 to Ford Field?
COBO has more than enough room to house the whole thing. They really need to not do this move in the future...
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Today 06:15 AM
Roebling Match Videos?
Also, from what we've been told, the Twitch videos are permanent, per their agreement. It sounds like even if the partnership isn't renewed in the future, the videos should still be retained....
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Josh Fox
Today 06:11 AM
So You're Trying to Eat Lunch In Downtown Detroit
One more important resource I forgot to include: coffee! There are a couple Starbucks and Tim Hortons locations around the downtown area, but two other local places Iíd recommend are Ashe Supply Co....
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Today 06:07 AM
Detroit Load In - Security Badges?
Post from the blog as of late allows bags to be removed as soon as load-in starts. https://www.firstinspires.or g/robotics/frc/blog/2018-first-champ-detroit-pizza-unbag Good luck today, teams!
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Today 05:44 AM
Division shoul NOT be randomized
You thought you were special or something? smh
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Today 05:30 AM
Anyone use IronCAD in FIRST
5985 has used IronCAD for the past two seasons, and we've done quite well with it. Our design team would be more than happy to compare notes if you were interested. We've tried SolidWorks and a few...
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Today 04:46 AM
Question about the Championship wrap video
https://youtu.be/4yQOlp4YMPE This is the video. Anybody knows what is the soundtrack?
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Today 04:45 AM
[FRC Blog] No bag for Detroit
I think it seems too good to be true. :p
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Today 02:19 AM
Dean and Human Organ Manufacturing
As an organ donor nurse, I guess Dean is going to put me out of job. Oh well, I'd rather be playing with FRC robots anyhow!
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Today 02:13 AM
Thanks for sharing your experiece kevin. It is helpful :)
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Today 01:37 AM
Detroit Scavenger Hunt
Or talk to the rookies, see how they're doing. Have them guess who will win Rookie All Star.
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Today 01:30 AM
Why do some teams disappear after a few years and others last for decades?
3072's is definitely membership and money. We barely have any funding, and the attendance rate has DROPPED in the 4 years I've been involved with the team. Team members per year were as...
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Today 01:26 AM
What were the most important factors of 254ís undefeated season?p
How can the robot fit in the pit when all the mentors are in it? :rolleyes:
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Today 12:17 AM
Pick a mentor, any mentor...
I call dibs on Austin Schuh. EDIT: Why? What team wouldn't benefit from a Robot Whisperer?
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