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Today 11:39 AM
REV Robotics Expansion hub detached error
I also recommend checking your USB cable first. If you can rule that out, can you also share a few more details about your set-up: Expansion Hub firmware version RC phone type Status LED on the...
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Today 11:30 AM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Is that simply because it is 3 flute vs 1 flute? Do the 2 additional flutes affect bit deflection or something? The shopbot can easily do a 1/4" 1 flute cutter at around 150 IPM, we have done it...
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Today 10:58 AM
Civility in Times of Change
Going off on a bit of a tangent here, but echo chambers are just one of the ways that the internet has changed our information ecologies for the worse, and on balance probably one of the...
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Today 10:46 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #697
"Thank you so very much Dean. Being on your list means the world to me!" Internal dialogue: HE'S TOUCHING ME! HE'S TOUCHING ME!
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Today 10:31 AM
4-cim vs. 6-mini-cim drivetrains
Just to understand where you're coming from in the bulk of these posts... Are you comparing 1 CIM to 1 miniCIM, or 1 CIM to 1.5 minCIMs. Are you factoring in some assumed heading as well? Shifting...
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Today 10:27 AM
Material to stock up on before build season?
My team consistently uses CIMS, MiniCIMS, and 775pros. We haven't really used any others. We use versa planetary gearboxes on the 775pros and we've never had a problem (gear reductions are also...
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Today 10:17 AM
Hi, Im just a new design lead looking for resources, anything helps
I highly recommend taking a look at YouTube for design ideas. There are hundreds of ideas that you can find on there for any purpose that you think of. If you find a design you like you can try to...
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 10:16 AM
pic: Flipped 3 Minicim Gearbox- Isometric View
As a software person - it's a simple scalar for single speed gearboxes. It's a bit more of a pain when your encoder is pre the shifting stages but even that's manageable. If it makes packaging the...
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Today 10:08 AM
Registration 2018
I can say that Wave was told weeks ago that we were being invited by our RD, we just didn't actually get the email until last week Wednesday around 9pm... So I wouldn't say that a team got in before...
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Today 09:42 AM
Pit setup question?
My team was looking to beef up the pit last year, but decided to keep the PVC. Although it does not look the best, it is rather inexpensive and we decided to spend the money we saved on other things....
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Today 08:52 AM
LabVIEW USB Camera Field Connection
This is one of the reasons as a CSA it would be REALLY nice if we could have a second FMS (even the lite version would work) system running so that we could test team's connection to the field and...
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Today 08:47 AM
FIRST Robotics Podcast
This is great execution of a great idea!
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Today 07:34 AM
[FTC]: Photos - FTC 2017 Frog Force Frenzy Qualifier
Thanks for these. Still not sure how we (FTC 10262) won that event. Our robot was an exercise in not being yet another grabber, and it worked, but is still really rough around the edges. We were...
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Today 04:38 AM
Robot in 3 Days: What Documentation Do You Prefer?
Chipping in my .02 cents here. 1. Prototyping videos/writeups are the most important resource I can think of out of RI3D. Showing how you tested your concepts and what you changed is super...
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Today 12:39 AM
Benefits of building a chassis?
We bought this bolt-cutter-size hand riveter from Harbor Freight last year to do some 1/4" rivets someone purchased by accident, but we found that it greatly reduced the effort to set large numbers...
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Today 12:36 AM
1351 https://imgur.com/a/XiRj4 Could have done 1000 pressure but I didn't want to be greedy
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Today 12:19 AM
RoboRio Successor Wishlist
You can put quite a few servos on each PDP output. I think $200 retail is an unrealistic target, and a $200 team price is still pretty tight. By the time you account for all the different ways we...
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Yesterday 11:35 PM
3D printer vs. Manual Mill
IMO, there's enough COTS parts out there a lathe is not as useful as it is "in the real world". Thunderhex, hux hubs, 1/2" hex everything, versablocks, etc. make a small mill much more useful than a...
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Yesterday 11:14 PM
Using Pixy with Java and roboRIO
That looks super cool...I’m glad somebody also is interested in using the Pixy usb connection. I wouldn’t however recommend making a final smart dashboard widget as shuffleboard is in...
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Howard C
Yesterday 10:38 PM
Brunswick Eruption 16 - Nov. 11, 2017
Thanks to everyone for another great Brunswick Eruption! I would like to give special thanks to our friends at The Blue Alliance and at FIRST HQ- Phil, Eugene, Alex, Danny, Eric from 694. Shoutouts...
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