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Today 09:53 AM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
The parallels of your thought process to mine in the past is astonishing. My senior project in high school was on the cultural and societal benefits of robotics. I used sports teams as my antithesis,...
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Akash Rastogi
Today 09:18 AM
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Nate Laverdure
Today 09:10 AM
chain in tube experiences
Agreed here. We feel that if we need to do exact C-C design again in the future, we will measure the correct center distance needed for the specific parts chosen rather than use the adder number we...
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Today 08:23 AM
Versaplanetary Vs 57 Sport
Except for that one time we wanted to climb but didn't because the set screw came loose.
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Today 08:04 AM
[FRC Blog] Team Avatars A Reprise
I'm not sure what they are using to find "violations" but I found what they were talking about using https://tineye.com. I actually think part of the problem is that we are being asked to all shrink...
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Today 01:06 AM
A profound thought
It doesn't seem like new to me. LOL ::rtm::
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Today 12:54 AM
TalonSRX Motion Trajectory Profiling
In case it's not a sim error, we had the same problem last season using an early version of the phoenix framework. Something about they hadn't fully implemented all the features in the first release....
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Today 12:42 AM
Timing of New Product Rollouts
I would completely agree with you, except that in a lot of cases the people buying these new products are high school students that don't fully understand the concept of "untested products" and...
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Today 12:39 AM
Introducing the new TubeMagic Fixturing System
See the video: easiest way is to just stick a 1" spacer on the bed, usually in the form of a 1x1. Most tubing jigs require that you do this anyway, so it's not a big problem.
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Today 12:01 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #753
Student in Black, staring at a motionless CNC machine: "Maybe we should've checked the trip current on our breakers before we bought this machine..." Student in Blue: "When you can't CNC...PVC!"
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Yesterday 11:33 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
My compressor pushes air through at least 20ft of hose. You'll be fine on that front, at least. My water pump is at maximum about 15-20ft of tubing away from the router (after you considering all the...
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Yesterday 11:22 PM
[FRC Blog] Championship Housing Open and District Slots to FIRST Championship
It appears that due to Israel moving to Detroit, every district going to north Champs will get less spots.
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Yesterday 10:14 PM
MAR 2019
Looks like MAR only has 21 Championship slots this year, down from 22 in 2018, 2017, and 2016.
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Yesterday 09:46 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] Iowa 2019
Final results:Salty Spitoon 3928 7541 5837 Falcon 525 7646 5935 QwEST 1625 7309 6217 The Lawnmowers ...
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Yesterday 09:42 PM
[FF]: Peachtree 2019
FLCN 4941 4459 6712 QwEST 2974 6919 6341 LM 1102 4509 5332 CHS 4910 6177 6471 TLC 1746 6340 7451 TDC 1648 1771 5608 1.21 GW 2415 3635 4080 FC ...
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Yesterday 09:41 PM
Team 1902 Exploding Bacon 2018 Judges Packet
Incredibly impressive materials. Thank you for sharing.
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Yesterday 09:40 PM
Influence the development of FIRST's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion tools...
FIRST needs your help to gather data as they go about designing and developing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion tools and solutions. If you are a FIRST youth and are 13 years of age or older,...
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 09:03 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] Hudson Valley T2
Swap 7718 for 7539
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Yesterday 08:56 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] Hudson Valley T1
MB 1796 7318 5016 Falcon 6024 1155 2265 LM 303 527 354 TLC 20 4091 7718 1.21GW 1156 2601 1660 TBC 3314 4122 6911 JSM 3419 6880 250 TSIMFD 5806 1880 5943
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Yesterday 08:32 PM
This is the year...
I'd never seen this thread before, so I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who bumped it back into relevance recently. This is great advice and food for thought, especially in a year where I...
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