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Today 10:27 AM
2018 New York City Regional
Here is the NYC Pit Map!https://www.facebook.com/nycfirst/photos/a.197619103589934.50 065.186994991319012/1842157635802731/?type=3&theater
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Today 10:27 AM
Randomness of the Scale in the Playoffs?
Under the documentation for the blue alliance api the following disclaimer exists. tba_gameData string Unofficial TBA-computed value of the FMS provided GameData given to the alliance teams at the...
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Today 10:23 AM
RoboZone Podcast Episode #053 - POWER UP - Comp Week 3 - In-between Events
https://soundcloud.com/robozonepodcast/episode-053-power-up-comp-week-3-in-between-events Episode Description - In this episode, we dive into the what teams do between competitions to improve on...
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Today 10:21 AM
Stupid Match Algorithm Tricks, 2018
Not only would this be unfair to elite teams, "balancing" the schedule would destroy any chance of having the top 8 seeds be a reflection of the top 8 teams at the event. If every match is balanced...
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Today 10:12 AM
Clueless for Auto
For anyone else that reads, the 1 is the length rather than the element. If you change that to 2, you get the first two characters. Instead, you need to wire a 1 into the unwired input. That will...
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Today 10:09 AM
What it takes to be an Einstein Referee!
How difficult is it to pay attention to the other refs, and watch the match typically, especially the ones beside you as opposed to the ones on the other side of the field? How about when, like last...
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Today 10:02 AM
SHOCKING NEWS: This year's field hurts!
It would explain why the hairs on your arm stand up. Standing there you would share charge with the HDPE and when you touched the aluminum with the opposite charge, you would get a spark. As for...
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Today 09:59 AM
Rookie Team Help Request - CLIMB MECH FAILURE
We had some bending on our bot this year too. We also do use the extrusion as you do, but not for climbing....
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Today 09:58 AM
Team 2614 Presents: MARVIN XI
At Palmetto we tuned the Limelight settings during the field calibration period using a test rig and the Limelight itself. These settings worked perfectly for the entire competition, but we expect to...
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Alex Towfigh
Today 09:54 AM
Urgent Help Needed for C++ Cross Autonomous
Thanks for the link AustinShalit, this looks like a great example.
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PCH Informer
Today 09:49 AM
PCH District: 2018 Columbus Predictions
Albany Recap Albany ended being an interesting (although not very surprising) event. The top-heaviness of the event meant that the best teams were able to quickly fight their way to the top, but...
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Today 09:45 AM
Strategies for switch-only bots?
4935 ended up ranking 2nd at NC District Pembroke through controlling the opponent's switch (this was an overranking though). Many matches are determined by the winning alliance getting 2pts/sec and...
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Today 09:41 AM
Shuffleboard starts slowly
Cool. Will try ASAP.
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Today 09:37 AM
FRC on Discovery Channel Canada tonight
oh my lordy, it's 1640.
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Alpha Beta
Today 09:28 AM
Greater Kansas City and Heartland Regionals 2018
On behalf of Team Titanium, FRC 1986, I wanted to thank the regional planning committee and volunteers for putting together a terrific event. Having two smaller regionals in KC has allowed teams...
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Today 09:28 AM
Engineering Inspiration
This is 100% accurate. As a kind reminder EI is NOT the "runner up" to Chairman's. Never has been, never will be.
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Today 09:18 AM
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Today 09:18 AM
CAN frame error when run-at-startup and not when run from Robot Main
The same error appears on our driver station logs when the robot first connects when run as startup however it appears to not affect any performance and runs completly fine from that point onward. We...
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Josh Drake
Today 09:07 AM
pic: Completing the Collection
Congrats! Safe travels this week to Indiana
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Today 08:58 AM
[InF] Plainfield District Event
Mike, I can say Team 4926 is excited to make an appearance at this new venue! We're bringing a very young team, and it will be interesting so see how they respond to what looks like a very...
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