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Today 02:33 PM
775 pro adapter
Pretty serious problem with that E-Stop. Try to hit it and the whole arm just swings away; "You ain't stoppin me today!"
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Today 01:49 PM
CAN Debug Tools
https://github.com/HubertD/candleLight_fw Yowza, this is super slick. I suddenly regret my $25 purchase. I'll see where it gets us, but this really seems like the better answer. Unfortunately, no...
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Ty Tremblay
Today 01:48 PM
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Today 01:38 PM
paper: Modeling Subsystem Reliability
I'd presume there's some assumption of "failure rate applies to robot in motion" and the failure rate of a robot sitting in storage is comparatively negligible? Not sure though, I didn't dig too...
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Jim Gorham
Today 01:10 PM
2018 IRI - Indiana Robotics Invitational
Help to post the right link: https://youtu.be/imMHdwnHFXs
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Today 01:08 PM
Match ended software/legality
Ooooh yah, I didn't know about that functionality, but that's a good point. Bottom line: it's flakier than a croissant. To quote one of my favorite robots: "You should something else."
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Today 01:04 PM
[FRC Blog] FIRST TV and IRI Coverage
Don't forget to come check out our pilot show - Tonight at 7pm EDT! http://twitch.tv/firstinspires
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Tyler Olds
Today 10:30 AM
FUNalysis Tonight 8:30pm ET IRI Match Breakdowns
IRI Special of FUNalysis airs tonight at 8:30pm ET. Discover the keys to victory at the highest level of play with expert analysts. Watch and chat live:...
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Koko Ed
Today 05:05 AM
Robots@CNE 2018
It would be cool if some US teams came over and played too.
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Today 12:44 AM
CTRE Pigeon PID issues
Any time they mention a timeout in their code, it's talking about the timeout for the command to the Talon. So for example, if the Talon fails to receive that command the first time, the RoboRIO will...
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Jeremy Germita
Yesterday 11:37 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Gitchi Gummi Get Together 2018
1. nomythicalbeast 2. pchild 3. Thayer McCollum 4. MikLast 5. niklas674 6. mman1506 7. BrennanB 8. ThatSoftwareGuy 9. tmpoles 10. Brian Maher
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 08:26 PM
2018 IRI Mentor Matches - fundraiser for charity
Mentor match results, so they may be immortalized here: 1) 2056 118 1746 W 2) 1747 2337 384 3) 1741 33 6800 4) 4967 2771 1102 5) 4499 4944 1024 6) 3707 494 234 7) 694 3452 2451 8) 2791 20 5254 F
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Basel A
Yesterday 07:48 PM
Michigan Advocacy Conference (MAC)
I'm not opposed to getting more information to voters, but saying "Candidate X said they support FIRST and candidate Y did not respond" also reads somewhat close to an endorsement (even if it...
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Yesterday 07:30 PM
RPLIDAR help?!?!?
Attached are a bunch of files that should help get you started. Team 4678, the Woodland CyberCavs used the Slamtec RPLIDAR A2M8 on our robot for the 2018 season to find cubes in autonomous. ...
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Yesterday 07:23 PM
2018 Triple Climb/Lift Club
I witnessed the double triple climb by FRC 2992A & 2992B and it was quite exciting to say the least! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Yesterday 07:04 PM
paper: ZebROS 1.0: ROS for FRC
Not trying to drive any particular approach, but the pain in a ROS for RIO cross compile is mainly in getting the first few packages going. Adding more after that is mostly painless - a few packages...
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Yesterday 05:39 PM
2018 Alliance Selection Results
A bit late, but here’s Battlecry 19: Alliances: 1. 195-319-9985 (1) W 2. 5813-2168-3719 (3) SF 3. 4041-6224-7153 (5) QF 4. 3314-694-1073 (2) F 5. 228-1729-5943 (6) QF 6. 131-6328-5494 (4) SF
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Yesterday 04:32 PM
Need for two sets of PID gains for Elevator
Constant force springs are coils of metal that, when you pull on them, pull back with a constant force (unlike normal springs, whose force increases with displacement). Attach one end to the top of...
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Yesterday 04:29 PM
Spark motor controllers in series or parallel?
Thats great. Thanks for the clarification guys! :)
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