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Today 08:31 PM
Recursion and Instance Variables in LabVIEW
Some more docs on doing this type of auto coding: https://frclabviewtutorials. com/state-machine/ https://frclabviewtutorials. com/autonomous/
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Today 08:26 PM
Our nerdy Governor just mentioned FRC Worlds in his State of the State
That's so cool. I remember our team as a rookie during stronghold and he signed our robot. It was the coolest thing ever. Great that he is publicly showing his support for FRC and FIRST.
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Today 08:21 PM
Predicted Power UP Score Progression
I attempted to fix the link and make it viewable from outside our google group. Thanks to Jacob Liimatta for posting this analysis output. I will say this was one of many results from Team 4926's...
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Today 08:15 PM
Motion Magic and Mecanum
It's hard without looking at your code, but it sounds like you're passing outputs into both the mecanumDrive object and the individual talonSRX objects and calling them both periodically. This won't...
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Today 08:09 PM
SD540C Motor Controller native library issues
FYI New Design For 2017 & Updated Libraries for 2018 Download here (updated libraries for 2018): http://mindsensors.com/largefiles/FIRST/mindsensors2018.zip Download here (for 2018):...
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Today 08:07 PM
pic: Team 701's Custom Single Speed Drive Transmission
These are two mini CIMs and the toughbox mini is not as compact in design. The output shaft of the toughbox mini does not go on the same side as the motors. The custom design allows the motors to sit...
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Today 08:01 PM
Encoders for Kitbot Drivetrain
Haha same thing happened to us, was reading documentation for the encoders and proceeded to cut off the excess from the shaft and boom magnet.
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Today 07:59 PM
SmartDashboard Input/Output
SmartDashboard has a putNumber function: smartdashboard.putNu mber("distanceToDriv e", 10); where the first param is the key and the second is the default value. You can change the number and then...
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Today 07:58 PM
Rookie Team Coding Problem
This would make it much worse. SampleRobot only exists for code samples and is deprecated for a reason. It very quickly makes it difficult to write a full-fleshed robot program without writing your...
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Today 07:51 PM
pic: PAC-MAN & Space Invaders
Love the "Ode to 8-Bit Gaming" theme you guys have going on!
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Today 07:47 PM
Problem to drive the robot straight forward
THANK YOU for posting your discovery, so that everyone can learn from it!
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Today 07:44 PM
Vector cannot be resolved
That seems correct to me.. As for .h and .cpp files I also thought of the .h file as a class definition file where you store the class, function definitions and private variables of a class, while...
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Today 07:34 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Sitting in our scouting discussion and we're trying to charge the scouting tablets from last year to show how we did things.. Joey: "What the heck! It's not charging.." *fiddles for a few...
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Today 07:24 PM
ONT District - Georgian College Event [ONBar]
Hi All, Team 2386 will be attending the Georgian College event for the first time. Are there many restaurants near by the Athletic and Fitness building? We are looking forward to this! Thanks for...
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Today 07:21 PM
Deploy to Robot fails to build - Phoenix library order
We had this show up on some other computers, I'm pretty sure that we had a .cproject file with these floating in our Git Repo and that was getting pulled in. I think we've corrected the problem...
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Doug Frisk
Today 07:18 PM
How to simulate how many games will be played in a regional?
There are many factors that go into determining how many rounds (and therefore matches) a given event will have. It all comes down to the schedule and the expected cycle time. Most regional events...
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Sky Captain
Today 07:18 PM
I2C LED Control with Rioduino
Thanks for the quick reply. I think I have succeeded in getting both sets of code to compile properly. Now I need access to a Rio to actually test.
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Today 07:12 PM
Musical suggestions for competition playlists
They should just play a ton of DragonForce...
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Today 07:12 PM
Climb: Hook and fold vs. hook and hoist
You should be good to go. First encourages that. 2016 and 2010 games this was done. Read and videos worth their weight in gold. Thank you Mentor Mac
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Today 07:05 PM
Detecting Keyboard
We use an arduino with the joystick library. It requires a bit of code on the arduino to turn the digital and analog inputs into joystick buttons and axes but it keeps the drives station happy.
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