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Yesterday 10:47 PM
Using srx mag encoder with wcp ss 3 cim gearbox.
There is a kit to mount the encoder to the output of the gearbox between the second and third stage. You will need both the SRX kit and Ball shifter Kit. If your goal is to get it on the wheel axle...
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Koko Ed
Yesterday 10:30 PM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
Actually I mean their own district or even state. I remember at Battlecry a couple of years ago they were doing a version of Family Feud and one of the local teams who rarely, if ever, have been to...
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Yesterday 10:06 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Minne Mini Tier 2
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Yesterday 10:03 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Minne Mini Tier 1
BrennanB 2052 2129 3082 MetroMan19 2846 5690 6630 Hailey.faiella 2502 4239 3313 Attention 1816 2512 3184 abbymarie 2169 4198 2220 MikLast 2491 4230 3633 Big-b ...
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Mark Wasserman
Yesterday 09:53 PM
33 The Killer Bees - 2018 Swerve Module
Nick's description is pretty accurate. Seems to help in auton but still the biggest gains in a straight driving swerve is a tight drive train, high count encoders, hyper tuned PIDs and a flat frame...
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Yesterday 09:40 PM
just me or is the new lambo ugly
There is something odd in that car design.
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Yesterday 09:24 PM
McMaster-Carr supplying to international teams
McMaster sold goods without promptly disclosing so to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait which does not comply with US export law (selling things to countries boycotting Israel). They...
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Yesterday 09:10 PM
Using Old Componeents to Build Personal Robot at Home
So wait, Is there a RaspPi based robot-controller emulator running around somewhere? I'd be very interested in that.
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
Blockading Rule Reform
Thanks for the match video. I think the original points stand. The facts seem to be that there are very very few examples of teams playing lock down defense on a robot preventing a team from scoring...
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Yesterday 08:40 PM
2nd robot survey
Don't have a second robot. Don't have the students or mentor man power for it. We do build 2 bots but we have 2 teams for now. We usually have a old kit bot chassis laying around we can power up.
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Yesterday 08:09 PM
Beginning Pneumatics
This will probably help: https://www.thecompassallian ce.org/pneumatics
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FTC Team 14934
Yesterday 07:59 PM
[FTC]: Launching and Climbing
For you to earn points for climbing, do you have to start by landing?
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Yesterday 07:12 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #749
And in FLL, our competition season is better because we don't need to worry about Stop Build Day. They're doing what now?
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Yesterday 06:57 PM
How does your school categorized your FIRST team?
Sometimes it feels that way... :(
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Yesterday 06:19 PM
Troubleshooting Precision Potentiometer (am-2619)
Can you post a picture of how the potentiometer is wired. There should be no need to manually calibrate it if it is wired correctly.
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Yesterday 05:58 PM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
Current List Air Force Academy Purdue University of Texas Texas A&M Oklahoma State University Arizona State University Embry-Riddle Prescott Virginia Tech
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Yesterday 05:43 PM
3CIM Non-shifting Gearbox
A bit pricey, but it looks like Boca has them. Also, a recent hex bore thread.
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Yesterday 05:31 PM
how to drive 1/2" hex shafts with a drill?
For those without access to a lathe, but want to secure a shaft, just buy a 1/2" nut driver that fits your drill, slot the socket by sawing parallel to the axis with a band saw or hack saw, and use a...
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Yesterday 05:17 PM
Rover Ruckus Rules on Detaching Parts
As I read it, the key item here is the last sentence of G15, shown in bold: A hook is clearly a "robot part". Intentionally detaching it on a string or similar not-even-close-to-rigid tether is...
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Yesterday 05:08 PM
Unique Robots
My favorite team for unique designs has to be 1625. They consistently perform at a high level, but their robots never look like anyone else's.
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