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Michael Hill
Today 05:02 AM
Destination: Deep Space Teaser
Clearly we need to mine water-ice for in-situ propellant production via electrolysis. Therefore, #WaterGameConfirmed
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Trying to Help
Today 12:52 AM
Please help 1729 win a donation by voting (quick!)
Thank you everyone! :) And yes, the library serves many, many people in the second largest city in our state. I'm sure that the Friends group does many worthwhile supplemental activities for the...
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Today 12:24 AM
Low Cost, Traction Swerve
Can you use a smaller module/pitch gear-set to help reduce backlash error on your azimuth encoder? The pitch looks a bit large to be for precision (IMO of course). I am taking a guess here, but is...
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Today 12:22 AM
Tips on how to become a good coach.
Study the Game Manual then quiz your drive team. Create scenarios that exploit your weaknesses. Build an additional robot to allow a full experience of 1v1 or shutdown defense. Try to know your moves...
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Today 12:09 AM
If You Could Choose Where the FIRST Championship Goes Next Where Would it Be?
When we were planning to attend the vegas regional we looked into airbnb for this very reason. The houses in the area are huge was all around cheaper and more cozy of a feel than a hotel.
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Yesterday 11:34 PM
[FF]: [FF]: [OFF] BOB 2018
1. pchild 2. nomythicalbeast 3. BrennanB 4. Attention 5. Caleb Sykes 6. Niklas701 7. abbymarie 8. Electronica1 9. tmpoles 10. Big-b
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Yesterday 11:20 PM
[FRC Blog] Teaser Almost Here and Event Ready???
Which, I think, is how it SHOULD be done. It's a way of keeping interest high among those who see a wall-o-text and immediately tune out. Well, theoretically it is that, anyways.
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Yesterday 11:17 PM
Changing CD for the better.
Regarding GIFs et al, and oversized images.... I would not be opposed to a GIF rule allowing "reaction images" and the like if the image was age-appropriate, size-appropriate, relevant to the thread...
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Yesterday 11:12 PM
chain in tube experiences
We have had great success with WCD - Chain in Tube drivelines. We made the switch after 2016 - Stronghold, where we broke wheels every match and basically left us crippled since it took so long to...
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Yesterday 11:02 PM
New Post
Yesterday 10:50 PM
Design and Communication
Teamwork requires two things: common purpose and trust. If your trust is inherent in your relationships, you don't need much formal structure or formal communications to hold it together. I thought...
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Yesterday 10:20 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #741
Of course, the proposal went like this: "Would you join my alliance?" "YES!!!!!!!" ----- What'd you think she'd say, she graciously accepts? PSH!
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New Post
Yesterday 10:15 PM
Deep Learning/Neural Network Use In Scouting
There's really not enough data out there to develop comprehensive predictions. I'd love to be proven wrong, but so far every scouting or prediction system I've seen that uses any sort of machine...
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Yesterday 09:50 PM
Team: 973 The Greybots is seeking mentors!
Perhaps my SolidWorks skills could be of use... oh, yeah... never mind.
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Yesterday 09:45 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #740
Okay, okay, Florence didn't get me as bad as some. (Though if you want to help out, FIRST North Carolina has gotten into gear.) First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 09:28 PM
Can you see deleted posts?
Not logged in: I don't see any deleted posts. Logged in: Now that I am a mod, same as Andy (on this very specific ability). Before becoming a mod, I don't recall ever seeing a placeholder for a...
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Yesterday 09:06 PM
Chezy Champs 2018
Glad to see 3538's still going out to represent Detroit Champs. They've gone to many offseasons this summer and they should be well practiced. West coast teams, you might want to look out for them:...
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Yesterday 08:34 PM
Who is the best necromancer?
7 weeks, 1 day, 37 minutes. Fwahaahaahaaaaaa!
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Yesterday 08:29 PM
Word Association
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New Thread
Yesterday 07:53 PM
CST-100 Starliner
Hello all of Chief Delphi, We have a LEGO set modeled after the CST-100 Starliner, which is made by Boeing. As some if you know, LEGO will review any model that gets 10,000 supporters. A couple...
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