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Today 08:18 AM
9 cube 60 second Exchange - Team 1836
Exchange Bot! Great choice of music. Should be on the FIRST playlist this year.
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Today 08:14 AM
Team 25 teaser
As always, such a beautiful beast. The drive is legendary at this point, and that lift is not too far behind. The incredible simplicity of most of your bots is always something I am in awe of. In...
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Today 08:11 AM
Can you drive w/ 2 cims?
Did you go to worlds because of your drive's performance? Or did you go to worlds because the mechanisms on that robot were well-sorted, you used them well, and had a little bit of luck? The big...
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Today 08:06 AM
Elevator Guides Help
How large is the gap? Does this make your elevator carriage droop? How much? Is this amount of droop tolerable? Can you design around it say by adjusting some of the other parts of the carriage? Can...
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Today 07:58 AM
4946 - 6 cube auto?
You may be overweight and have to swiss cheese it. Ewwww.
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Today 07:40 AM
Team Update 11
Of course there other 33x28 parallelagrams that would meet R03 that will not fit into a 33x28 rectanualar box.
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Today 07:28 AM
179 teaser
Your release video is one of the ones I always look for each year. It is always a pleasant surprise to see how you solve a particularly difficult problem.
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Today 06:31 AM
Robot Reveal Video - Plasma Robotics 2403
I love how unconventional this bot is. It's cool to see good implementation of an out of the box concept. Bonus points for the disk brake.
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Today 06:24 AM
Java OpenCV insufficient memory
Thank you very much - you solved the mystery. To select dynamically which pipeline to use we have the entire process, including instantiating the pipeline classes, in the camera frame loop. That is...
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Today 03:25 AM
Having a huge unsolvable error with Axis M1011 Cameras
That seemed to fix it! Thanks again! Hopefully no more errors..!
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Today 02:56 AM
Trouble with Pathfinder behavior on different paths
It seems like pathfinder may have trouble with "negative" values, as seen on this (https://github.com/JacisNonsense/Pathfinder/issues/36) git issue. I would strongly advise breaking the path up, I...
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Today 02:48 AM
Car related inspiration
I'm sure we'll see a friction brake on the elevator of some teams, similar to 254's design in 2015.
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Today 02:42 AM
Tethering REV Robotics Lift Kit
Our team strung the elevator just as rev explained with just a few tweaks. We used an idler bearing between the initial stage of the elevator and the second stage to support our hex axle (as we're...
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Today 02:37 AM
Steampunk 1577 Two Cube Auto
This is an awesome team. Looking great Lidor. Hope to see you guys again at champs. Looking forward to seeing how you top stealing a gear off the opposing peg.
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Duncan Macdonald
Today 02:30 AM
SRX Encoder Quadrature Setup Troubleshooting
We found a fix. Please don't spend any of the remaining 45 hours trying to solve it. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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Today 02:02 AM
FRC Field Sim 2018! [v0.9.0] - Robot, Human Player and Field Simulation!
http://https://drive.google.com/file/d/15FOF10IjgGwcFtEzaUP TRbh2TFham3BU/view?usp=sharing Not as impressive as getting the robot to the vault, but we're getting there
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Today 01:36 AM
wpilib deploy from command line?
This is most useful, I've found my of my own config issues this way. If you see errors but don't understand them, you can post them either here or to the WPILib Github issues list.
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Today 01:18 AM
FRC Horror Stories
This happened just today. Here we go. Me being me, I found and started to mess around with a bike chain. Now naturally, I ran it along the elevator guides because it was fun and interesting. Roughly...
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Today 01:10 AM
Labview Custom Dashboard problem reading NT values
Yes, the encoder writing code is in the teleop block (not in a loop, but I believe it gets called every packet) and the encoder reading loop is in loop 1 in the dashboard. I am going to experiment...
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Today 12:49 AM
Help needed with adding packages (constant)
Your constants that your defining should actually be inside of the Constants class. With what you sent it seems as though your defining the constants outside of the scope for the Constants class...
(87 views, 1 replies)

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