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Nathan Landas
Yesterday 10:39 PM
FIRST 4 year game theme cycle theory
Looks like this years game will have an unusual game piece
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Brian M
Yesterday 10:09 PM
New Build Subteam Lead
Yep Canadian off-seasons only start in about a month :D
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Yesterday 09:58 PM
[FTC]: Op Mode: Stop Robot loop
Hello all, I am a mentor from Team 6383. We are experiencing a problem that we have not had in the past and were wondering if anyone had some insight. We have searched for an answer but have come...
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Yesterday 09:51 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #689
The school asked us to assemble their "new" computers. For some reason, I get the feeling these are even older than the last model...
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Yesterday 08:47 PM
pic: 2659 2017 Off-Season Robot
Great looking robot Trav
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Yesterday 08:29 PM
paper: AMB Design Spreadsheet
While presenting the spreadsheet to my students, I noticed a few math errors with converting to metric. They should all be fixed now, so v1.1 has been uploaded.
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Yesterday 07:59 PM
FIM: Ferris State Roboday Off-season event Signups
Thank you to everyone that came out to the event even with the ridiculous heat in September. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please email the event email. Hope to see you all...
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Yesterday 07:40 PM
[TBA Blog] We <3 Big Data
The 'award_type_enum' colum contains an integer constant that directly correlates to the type of the award listed. You can find the reference for the column here:...
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Yesterday 07:23 PM
CAD Data for 2018 Field
Its a joke my friend, what the kool kids would call a "meme"
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New Post
Yesterday 07:01 PM
Recommendations for Off-Season Control System
My team recently created a prototype power supply with a setup very similar to the AM product. We bought some random RC remote and 6 channel receiver from hobbyking, then ran PWM from the receiver to...
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Yesterday 06:55 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
I'll probably add a couple more myself, but want to try to keep everything on EST. If I'm running a draft, odds are it'll be PST instead (other than the Slot 3 ones). Oh, and heads-up: There'll be a...
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New Post
Yesterday 05:18 PM
Peak Peformance 2017 (PNW Offseason)
No, there were no declines.
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New Post
Yesterday 04:27 PM
FIRST Power Up Recruitment Poster #2 Discussion
Let's hope they learned from that.. :|
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Yesterday 02:31 PM
Ramp Riot 2017: The Official Thread
Every Ramp Riot I have ever been to has been awesome, and I'm sure this year will be no different. Looking forward to this years! Keep an eye out for that ref position... ;)
(1,347 views, 6 replies)
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Yesterday 01:23 PM
pic: New gearbox
Thanks, that makes more sense. The size of that pinion should make a considerable difference in its ability to be double loaded because the bore is constant, and the annular thickness and strength...
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Yesterday 12:29 PM
Robot Code Status Blinking on FRC DS
I can confirm that we have also had this issue due to robot code continuously crashing in init(). Perhaps try deploying some of the default code projects and see if the problem persists?
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New Post
Yesterday 07:27 AM
Electrical Board or Distributed System?
i will have to vote against distributed system: - your robot will look very bad - it is easier to route a 24 AWG sensor wire across the robot than to route a 12 AWG power wire across the robot....
(1,794 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 02:27 AM
Westcoast Drive bearing + axle retention
Spring washers - sounds wonderful - we'll have to try that on our air cannon! (nanotube chassis)
(3,830 views, 54 replies)
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Yesterday 01:58 AM
Best way to accomplish hosting web server on Jetson (+couple other misc. questions)
While that works for simple data, you get into compatibility problems pretty fast. There has been a lot of work put into data formats which are endian agnostic and upgradeable. I've been using...
(738 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 01:58 AM
Iím a Chassis Lead member and I have no idea what Iím doing
+1 in any case, but in your role, ESPECIALLY if your team is open to change/variation in the chassis! Again, +1: and note that Phil listed three distinct things, each important: evaluate and...
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