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Today 04:03 PM
frc 179 2018 release
This is a phenomenal robot! You have set the bar high!
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Today 04:03 PM
Using CANTalon attached encoder with Pathfinder
Have you looked at a plot of CAN status frame timestamps?
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Today 04:02 PM
Encoder Cables
Yes, we snuck a limit switch in there too. Using the CTRE breakout board.
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Today 03:47 PM
pic: Team 1684 - 2018 Robot - Nemesis
Wow! Our robots are long lost twins (Except yours is nicer looking):p Great job on the bot and that climber is super cool! Horizontal intake rollers for the win!
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Today 03:43 PM
Team 1574 MisCar: 2018 Robot Reveal
Dang. Nice job.
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Today 03:42 PM
FIRST in Minnesota 2018
2018 is definitely going to be an awesome year for FRC in Minnesota! Can't wait to see how the season plays out!
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Today 03:40 PM
pic: M'Aiken Magic - 2018
The 8 wheel mecanum has been pretty neat. We don't demonstrate it's capabilities in the videos I had very well, but it's going to be great for us in doing the cubes quickly in the platform zone. I'm...
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Today 03:39 PM
What Is Brake/Coast Mode?
Thanks for the info, that I'm too lazy to look up. :)
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Today 03:35 PM
Team Update 11
We would really really like ours to be powder coated purple, cuz that's our team colour. How do we get a purple one? I don't read no steekin fine print
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Today 03:32 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Immediately after bagging the robot: "Did we make sure all the students were out of the bag first?"
(1,455,816 views, 5,269 replies)
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Today 03:31 PM
Team 498 | The Cobra Commanders 2018 Robot - Kill Screen
Thanks again for hosting duel in the desert! See ya at Arizona west!
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Today 03:05 PM
OpenRIO 2018 Season in Review - The Numbers
LOL - Even better. Stealth coding.
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Today 03:04 PM
pic: FRC 1319 - 2018 Power Up Robot
"Poppa Wheelie" looks great!
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Today 02:56 PM
WiredCats 5675 Teaser
It would be great to win West Michigan with you guys again!
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Tyler Olds
Today 02:43 PM
FUNalysis Week 0 Events 2/22 9pm ET
FUNalysis is back on 2/22 starting at 9pm ET. Evan Morrison from RSN along with Libby and Mason will breakdown matches and analyze strategy of the Week 0 event and give you tips to bring up your...
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Today 02:39 PM
Power Up Driver's Test
With over 130 messages, posts, and emails, I hope I have responded to everyone. I'm glad everyone is finding use of my test! Let me know if I missed sending you the answer key. I'll try to post the...
(3,971 views, 30 replies)
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Today 02:23 PM
Angled bumper corners?
The bumpers must be "squared off" at the open ends, such that the entire 6" length is protected by a full thickness of noodle. Look at figure 8-7, and treat it as if that is the left side of your...
(477 views, 6 replies)
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Today 02:19 PM
Best way to come to full stop in Auto
OK good thoughts. I will start with a motor output curve function, then will try full on PID if that has issues. Good tip on the error+rate checking, Brian5115.
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Today 02:15 PM
RoboSpartans 4639 reveal 2018
Here's a quick video of our v1 climber before we fixed the hook arm motor. https://youtu.be/GzQjWSs6rEI
(474 views, 1 replies)
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Jeremy Germita
Today 01:54 PM
Gryffingear presents: Luna
Team 5012 Gryffingear is excited to present our entry into the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition, Luna. https://i.imgur.com/me25coMh.jpg Reveal video here! Some specs on Luna: Drivetrain 6WD West...
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