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Mark Wasserman
Today 08:51 AM
General Swerve advice
The vertical one. If the wheels hit a bump or get pushed sideways the vertical shaft will try to bend in the area between the lower plate and the 42 tooth pulley ( a little cantilever action going...
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Today 08:50 AM
[FRC Blog] 2018 Season by the Numbers
I think I gotcha. I hadn't considered the architecture where the PID Controller class would get associated with the auto routine (which, especially in 2018, is reasonable that it would be high due to...
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Today 07:45 AM
Destination Deep Space images
Looking at this document, I think it is pretty clear this is not to be used separately, but as part of the main logo: By following the last guideline on the main logo (A built in “safety...
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Today 02:19 AM
Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut
I just realized how relevant that song is
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Yesterday 10:32 PM
Vex VersaPlanetary 180 Drive Cad files
Ok I've went ahead and made it here: https://grabcad.com/library/versaplanetary-180-drive-example-1 I'm hoping it can help others out in the assembly process.
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Yesterday 07:46 PM
Scanning for motor type
If you check for the practice robot's MAC address and assume everything else is the competition robot, you only have to deal with changing code if you switch the practice robot's RIO. And if you're...
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Basel A
Yesterday 07:32 PM
Post Your Prototypes & Resources Here!
I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I'm happy to share. Aided by a CNC router, 3504 went through a period of rapid intake design iteration*. Over two weeks, we tried a bunch of major and minor...
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Yesterday 02:23 PM
Is it a sammich?
No, there are fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad in the same class as vegetable salads, and there's the other class such as chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, ham salad, and...
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