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Today 05:34 AM
pic: 775pro drivetrain update
Nice job on the side and back bumper supports. Suggest moving the middle transverse structure to the front so it can be tied into the bumper support. Dave
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Today 03:38 AM
Congratulations to the 2017 St. Louis Championship Winning Alliance
Writing The MARtian recap with Howard.
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Jay O'Donnell
Today 02:53 AM
2017 Darwin Subdivision
Just wanted to say a few thank you's. 1885 - Thank you for trusting us as your first pick overall. It's obvious why you were a chairmans finalist this year. We enjoyed working with you and hope to...
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Today 01:49 AM
What did FIRST do RIGHT for Houston?
So, this my short praise maybe rant for Houston. I will say that I enjoyed GRB venue for hosting all three events. I enjoyed the short walk from the pits to field and being able to see our drive team...
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Today 01:24 AM
FRC In Indiana 2017
4272 was extremely pleased to pull a 7-2 upset and play in the Curie semis! Not only that, their alliance was 1 climb short of winning the tiebreaker and advancing to the division finals. Throwback...
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New Lightning
Today 12:58 AM
2017 Archimedes Subdivison
That's what I was told by someone on 67. But as the person from 1058 posted it prevented 2137 from climbing and it swung the match. Must have just been a miscommunication.
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Today 12:47 AM
254's Blinker.
Hey guys, I'm the human player for 254. The purpose of the light flashes on the path to the human player station is to signal that the drivers have the intent of receiving a gear from the station....
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Today 12:22 AM
The "quickest" gearbox off the shelf
Just so that we can get a bit of math, I'm posting pictures of a bunch of simulations done in MatLab. Here is the comparison of 4 vs 8 775Pros with a 16:1 gear ratio and a 60kg robot. Orange is 8...
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Today 12:18 AM
What do you do in the Off-Season?
What offseason?
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Yesterday 11:48 PM
Best underdog
If your team competes in the 'downstate' NY area or parts of MAR or NE (mostly off-season and before-there-were-districts stuff), you know better than to count 1796 out of any event you're at. They...
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Yesterday 11:25 PM
Missing Wolf Mascot @ Houston Championships
If you could please PM DMRobotics6314 on Chief Delphi or contact DMRobotics6314@gmail .com if you accidentally took it that would be great! Thanks so much, DM Robotics "The WolfPack" FIRST Team #6314
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Yesterday 11:25 PM
How To Win More Awards in FRC - St Louis Championship Conference
We definitely will be watching this! Thanks so much, it looks very informative! Congrats on a truly tremendous season, by the way!
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Dominick Ferone
Yesterday 11:19 PM
Single team from multiple schools?
5030 is a team based out of our college. In the teams existence we've worked with 6 different high schools and had home schooo students. We just allow any kids in the area who are willing to travel...
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Yesterday 11:14 PM
Rookie teams on Einstein?
This. Frame it, hang it on the wall. I have seen teams picked from the very. last. spot. in the rankings--and win the event. Granted, they were busy playing bruising defense... Rank means that...
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Jack Barone
Yesterday 11:04 PM
Anyone from 1323 Madtown, I'd like some info...
Haha 😂
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Yesterday 10:57 PM
Lost bag at St. Louis Championship
If anyone at the St.Louis World Championship saw or accidentally took a black and grey sling bag please let me know. The bag was last seen in the Curie division stands around section 111 and 112 on...
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Yesterday 10:52 PM
pic: Daly Water Game
Yes, the roof was leaking in several different places because of the heavy rains we've had here all week. It's just that in this case, it was falling onto a field instead of all of the space around...
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Akash Rastogi
Yesterday 10:47 PM
Proud to be New England!
Not only was I super proud to see 125 and 3719 on Einstein as NE teams, it was even better that both are lead by fellow alumni from team 11! Very cool day. #NewEnglandWreckingC rew
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Yesterday 09:27 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #668
"1 World Champs... Yeah that's right, we used to have 1."
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Joe G.
Yesterday 08:47 PM
Best Matches of the Year
St. Louis Einstein Match 15. Darwin fighting to stay alive, changing up their strategy to remedy 1986's weaknesses from the blue side, 3310 executing perfectly, 1986 taking over in teleop and...
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