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Today 02:54 PM
[FF]: Waiver Draft #4 (2018)
This is the final pre-competition waiver draft for this year. As a reminder, the remaining waivers will be aimed at allowing list changes. In case anybody's forgotten, the rules are that if you make...
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Today 02:50 PM
pic: M'Aiken Magic - 2018
neat. But actually, our entire team stopped what they were doing to look at this. This is crazy! Congratulations
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Today 02:50 PM
Some interesting photos found in STEAMWORKS scene
The URL suggests that it might be NSFW and makes me think that it might be one of those that infect your computer with viruses if you visit.
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Today 02:48 PM
Rookie Team Help Request - Grabbing the Rung
Thanks! Have to give a shoutout to 308 for showing us a similar prototype.
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 02:37 PM
FRC Team 4607 helping other to reach new heights...
https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163 056&highlight=4607
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Today 02:37 PM
Problems Changing the Limelight Pipeline Programmatically.
Hi, we are using limelight this year to target both the vision targets on the switch and the yellow power cubes. However, we are experiencing a problem switching between different pipelines. Below...
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Today 02:36 PM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
A few early thoughts, but after week 1 we will all have a better idea: 1. Every robot doing the scale will drop cubes. They will do it on their own and they will do it constantly if defense is being...
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Today 02:33 PM
We Need Bumper Help
When providing dimensions, you will need to be very accurate. You should also make clear if you are measuring the metal frame or if you are including any "minor protrusions". It might be best to...
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Today 02:10 PM
Power Up Driver's Test
May I have an answer key please? Thank you again for making this test available.
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Today 02:10 PM
Team 346 RoboHawks Reveal 2018
Hoping to outcycle and shoot QUICK thanks for the kind words.
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Akash Rastogi
Today 01:51 PM
4522 Team SCREAM 2018 Reveal: Cubert
Really digging the retracting intake! Awesome design.
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Today 01:49 PM
VexPro Ball Shifter Frictional Losses in Low Gear
Note: We re-characterized our test bed today with the compressor off (the shifters were simply held in place by zip ties, with little/no axial force), and the low gear efficiency was unchanged, so...
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Joe Ross
Today 01:41 PM
Shuffleboard Connecting to Update Server??
Do you have a space in the path? See this issue: https://github.com/wpilibsuite/shuffleboard/issues/423 In the meantime, you can update the eclipse plugins to 2018.3.3 or download shuffleboard 1.2.1...
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Today 01:35 PM
2018 Team Update 14
Id assume it was the watchdog error that shut down all your CAN motors if you got it, error "-63194" if I remember correctly. Edit: If i actually read the update it has the error code in there...
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Today 12:57 PM
Are Pathfinder paths continuous in curvature?
Interesting. Thank you for that. I'll have to take a look at it. I'm trying to not rely on the talons and make a universal application.
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Today 12:50 PM
Team Update 11
Had a similar experience with a rookie team this year. I think the standard for accessibility to crucial information shouldn't be "easy to find," but rather it should be "hard to miss." The issue...
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Paul Richardson
Today 12:39 PM
How Many Teams will Climb in Einstein Finals
The only way Levitate makes sense is if your third robot is able to keep playing until the very end (i.e. they are not a ramp-bot stuck on the platform holding up their partners). If you're burning...
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Today 12:20 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #711
Two thumbs up! If only that weren't the robot from the previous match.
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Today 11:44 AM
Using PID with Mecanum in Autonom
From what you've written above, I infer you just want to drive straight in auto. Is that correct? And the robot properly rotates and strafes when manually controlled, correct? Do you have an...
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Today 11:29 AM
Replacement for setLeftRightMotorOutputs
I had just looked at the DifferentialDrive class like Praj said and was wondering whether or not using TankDrive would work. Glad to see that it does. Thanks for your help!
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