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Today 12:19 PM
Any chance of this project being open source in the near future?
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Today 11:53 AM
Recommended Timing Pulley Size
Correct. The "8 teeth per inch wheel diameter" rule of thumb is what I have always followed, without ever seeing a failure resulting from it - however, this has only ever been with gearboxes...
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Today 10:08 AM
Programming Brake/Coast Modes
With a PWM motor controller like a Spark/Talon SR/Jaguar this would not be possible since the brake/coast mode is set with a button on each controller that must be manually switched. With a CAN...
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Mark McLeod
Today 08:53 AM
Drive Station and Radio not connecting?!?!
Use the FRC Radio Configuration Utility 17.3 (2/14/17) Programming your radio for home use
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Today 12:45 AM
Code without Eclipse!
Yes. Or do what the even cooler kids do and point robotCommand at your shell script directly. I never can remember the capitalization on this stuff.
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Yesterday 11:14 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Can you provide some details about the control interface? I've used Haas, Techno, and Tormach PathPilot. All will easily take in G code, allow you to set work offsets, and give a nice graphical...
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Rachel Lim
Yesterday 10:55 PM
[C^3] Playing twice in CA: 2018 vs 2017
Inspired by recent threads where people have noted the number of teams unable to get into a second event, especially in California, I thought I'd take a closer look at those numbers, and bring back...
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