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Today 09:27 PM
Arm's not moving: Mechanical or Programming
I agree with that as well, a 35 in arm takes a lot of torque to move. I suggest gearing down, adding a 10:1 or so (can play around with until you find what works best). If your looking for faster...
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Today 09:26 PM
Severe Issues
The cardinal sin of engineering is not being willing to admit when you were wrong. Don’t be afraid of completely scrapping what’s been done and changing course. The sunk cost fallacy has...
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Today 09:02 PM
Call for Mentors - Podcast Recording for Drivers Training for FRC
I'm in. I coached for 68 for 8 years.
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Today 08:46 PM
Shipping Crate Dimensions Question 2018
It is included. The crate overall dimensions are set up the shipper.
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Today 08:40 PM
How to configure my second controller for my robot's pulley and claw?
Hello, I'm from a rookie team and we were suppose to use Eclipse IDE for coding but we didn't have the time. So, we're currently using LabView for the pulley and the claw system. There's two motors...
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Today 08:35 PM
Running compressor blocks solenoid use
Thank you all for the replies. I'm slow in responding as I was expecting to get email notice. Guess my settings are wrong. In any case, we have no code referencing the compressor at all. We use the...
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Reuben B.
Today 08:31 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Two team members were arguing today while working on the robot. Student 1: "So you're comparing apples to oranges. It doesn't hold up." Student 2: "Exactly. To an orange, an apple is a strange and...
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Eric Scheuing
Today 08:29 PM
Smallest footprint?
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Today 08:28 PM
LSR7 Scrimmage in KC
Team 6886 wants to thank the teams of the LSR7 alliance for hosting the scrimmage in KC. Allowing rookies like us to see how crowded the field is going to be and to have a pre-inspection done by a...
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Jeff Spatz Rox
Today 08:18 PM
Heartland Regional Scouting Alliance with Team 1810
1986 would love to help out. We aren't competing but we are volunteering and have some freshmen that would love to do it.
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Today 08:05 PM
Week 0 Lessons Learned
Vision is surprisingly much better than I thought. Putting cubes in the exchange is a lot harder than I thought it would be. If you don't have a direct line of sight to that, you might want a...
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Brian Maher
Today 08:04 PM
2018 SPAM Poor Man's Scouting
This is a really great resource to share. Thanks for helping raise the floor on scouting and strategy.
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Today 07:50 PM
JVN-Design Calc Question
The direction of the static friction (helping or hurting) depends entirely on how your control approaches (and behaves at) the static position. You have to build the smarts into the controller to...
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Today 07:46 PM
Display scheduler status in SmartDashboard
We were working on the SmartDashboard and we can't get the example in the FRC document to display the scheduler status to work. We got the No Commands running message to appear, but nothing else...
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Today 07:45 PM
How to cool compressor
WARNING TO STUDENTS: we we mentors are getting nostalgic about the Old Days of FRC. Get out while you can. My rookie year was the first year without the beacons. I scrounged one and we have the...
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Today 07:40 PM
No more pesky HSV tuning, just use machine learning
Just as Loveless said, there are tons of models you can try. After some more experimenting, I moved to an implementation of Yolo9000 as I'm trying to get as close to real-time as possible. I've had...
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Today 07:31 PM
Panteras 2283 Robot Teaser
Catch our new robot on our monday presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2tBaPz4ehs Good Luck Teams!
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Today 07:17 PM
Importance of the Scale After Week 0?
I can't give you a specific number of matches, but I can tell you the scale can absolutely win a match. After competing, it seems that it is difficult(but not impossible) to operate effectively on...
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Today 06:38 PM
failing to use SmoothPathPlanner inside Command
I'm trying to use the SmoothPathPlanner from here inside a Command. I'm trying to do a simple 'S' curve like in that original post, except I'm curving to the right, and then back to the left, and...
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Today 06:14 PM
Is Welding Worth It?
Maybe it's time to bring this discussion back? :)
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