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Today 06:16 PM
Advice for Younger Teams
Thanks to everyone who has replied so far! Does anyone have advice on how to train new members and ensure the team succeeds after senior members graduate? Or recommendations for developing a timeline...
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Today 06:07 PM
Detroit Prescouting attempt 2
Also 5406,314,2771,5846, and 319 have all submitted 2 responses. Discuss within you team and change the answer of Team Number for one of them to VOID so there's no redundant data.
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Today 06:03 PM
2019 Theme Announcement before Detroit Champs..
All this being said, it's really cool how they're having all four FIRST leagues have a unified theme. It'll probably make the FLL kids more interested in FTC, FTC more interested in FRC, and so on.
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Today 05:58 PM
Was Dean drunk while giving his speech at Houston CMP?
Big if true.
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Today 05:43 PM
2018 Houston Einstein
You'll get them soon enough for the round robin. As for the Einstein finals, you'll get a bunch of jumbled images from all the different cameras they had set up in an "artistic" manner.
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Today 05:36 PM
Data packets dropped at Houston Champs?
Both UDP and TCP are used. TCP is used for the game specific data, logs, etc. UDP is used for robot mode, enabling, joystick data, etc. Furthermore, the TCP PSH flag is always set, causing received...
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Brian Michell
Today 05:33 PM
Examples of Great Defense
This match was a great match to show all three of those elements that you requested. Since the only robot that we found we struggled to push was Titanium, we were able to hold (or push) robots away...
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Today 05:26 PM
Was this a C07 voilation?
I was more interested in the multiple calls against Lambot that should not have occurred due to your alliance members actions. Those fouls influenced the outcome of this particular match.... We were...
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Today 05:19 PM
FIRST on Class Rings
same! https://imgur.com/ir3Bj00
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Today 05:15 PM
Live Streams
I completely agree with you. That said the coveage has to still show everything in a sense. When running PNWs switching my goal was to make sure that we were showing pretty much all the key action...
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Ginger Power
Today 05:08 PM
2020 game speculation
Nope, but you'll be a mentor which is way more fun! You get to build the robots for the students to assemble! :D
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Today 04:57 PM
Detroit 2018 Pit Assignment Sheet
Outstanding! This will be super useful!
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Today 04:55 PM
The elephant in the park
Libby was there and she did a great job. She knew what she was talking about, made the interviews enjoyable, and was great at explaining how the game worked mid-match. I see no need to give any sort...
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Today 04:44 PM
What penalty is being counted down for in this match?
I give the ref that one. The robots made contact nullifying the penalty. Plus that distance is greater to that wall. The rule must be his point of focus. I don't think i seen any ref ever start to...
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Caleb Sykes
Today 04:22 PM
Detroit Ranking Projections
Consider an event where every team gets twelve matches. Let's say that you need eleven or twelve wins to seed first, and at least 8 wins to get into the top 8 (ignore other RPs for simplicity)....
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Michael Hill
Today 04:15 PM
Is 254ís Lockdown the GOAT?
I give credit where credit is due, and 71 is definitely deserving of credit. However, I'm more impressed by a robot that can be purely dominant without needing to find a chokehold strategy, but with...
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Today 04:14 PM
2019 Game Speculation
More details about Destination: Deep Space were revealed on the field yesterday. The task will involve locating and activating elements. The FIRST Live game commentators will be replaced by Ruby...
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Today 04:05 PM
What's More Impressive?
I mean 254 isn't the only team that does this. I can count at least 6 teams who did this at ONDCMP alone. 254's just the best at it, hat's off to them.
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Today 03:46 PM
Houston Pit Map Lookup
Thanks for this.
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Today 03:30 PM
Team 1058 PVC Pirates - 2018 Season Recap
Team 1058 proudly presents our 2018 Season Recap. Thanks to all our sponsors, mentors, parents, and alumni for helping make this season possible! Wishing the best of luck to all our friends...
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