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Today 07:47 PM
Class of 2018, Where are you applying?
Straying from the many engineers here, I am planning on majoring in actuarial science. My top 3 choices are: 1. University of Waterloo 2. McMaster University 3. Western University
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Today 07:15 PM
Reducing SolidWorks Lag
Aside from the others already mentioned, try turning your monitor resolution down. My laptop has a 4k monitor and taking it down to 1080p made everything run a lot smoother.
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Brian M
Today 06:51 PM
Retention peg for custom Solid State Drive (SSD) holder
I can't open the image, maybe it's just me? From what I understand you want a friction fit. So it depends on what material you are using. ABS is flexible, so it might be good for what you are doing,...
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Today 05:15 PM
California FIRSTers - Join the Discord!
And just a heads up we'd like to keep it to current or former California residents at the present. Thanks!
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Today 04:40 PM
Ground Gear Intake speeds
Paging Jon Stratis...
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Joe Ross
Today 04:11 PM
Run Multiple Compressors with Relay in C++
What control system are you using? 2013 used a cRIO with Netbeans as the development environment, while the roboRIO and Eclipse is used for 2015+. The documentation you're referencing is from the...
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Today 02:55 PM
Pneumatics without RIO
To add to that, I would also design the relay circuit so that positive power to the solenoids is run through a Normally open contact of one of the relays, then to individual relays that control the...
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Today 01:30 PM
Problems with CTRE Magnetic Encoders
I didn't even consider updating the Talons. I'll try that later tonight. Thanks a ton.
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Today 12:30 PM
Methods of strengthening material?
TL;DR: Increase stiffness and FOS for static loading by increasing cross section area or section moment of inertia, as appropriate. Or pick a stiffer or stronger material. A material change will...
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Chris is me
Today 12:22 PM
Can't Edit New Posts.
If you need something edited and it's somewhat important (e.g. removing sensitive information), feel free to report your own post with the change you're requesting and a moderator will eventually get...
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Today 11:54 AM
Off season build, RoboRio alternative.
Look into the CTRE Hero Development Board. It's built for working with the Talon SRX and works as an excellent test board, along with incredible encoder support, so it can be used even after your...
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Today 10:45 AM
Peak Peformance 2017 (PNW Offseason)
2811 is looking forward to Peak Performance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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Today 10:14 AM
What do you want to see from sponsors/suppliers?
What do we want from sponsors? Money.
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Silicon Phoenix
Today 09:43 AM
start-of-school recruiting help
Our team has had the exact same issue for years. Many people will explicitly say to us they don't know anything about robotics, and I usually quickly tell them that I knew nothing when I joined...
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Today 09:32 AM
2017 Hudson Valley Rally
Updated registration list: 694 Stuypulse 2869 Regal Eagles 3419 Rohawks 4055 NRG 4122 O-Bots 4571 Rambots 5123 Mechadogs We encourage any teams interested to register before August 31 for a $50...
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Today 09:06 AM
Manufacturability of Design Award
I think that the concept of a white-paper based award is excellent, and gives teams a chance to think about how the design process is directly relevant to the manufacturing process from an economic...
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Ginger Power
Yesterday 11:02 PM
Northern MN Off Season Volunteers
Bison Robotics has this event on our calendars and we will be there to help out. Unfortunately we don't have any FTA's in our ranks, but I'm sure somebody will turn up! Looking forward to this event...
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Yesterday 11:01 PM
Rev Robotics Expansion Hub
We supported a FIRST Global team this summer and they were having that issues with it. We think it had do to with wifi interference because when we had them take it away from their school wifi it...
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Yesterday 10:43 PM
The Fifth Annual Red Stick Rumble
Seriously looking forward to it! We hooked at least four of our key team members last year at Red Stick! While this is not a likely thing for us this year (too late), do you have any flexibility...
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