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Today 11:51 AM
[FF]: [OFF] Robo-Con 2018
1. BrennanB 2. Brian Maher 3. nomythicalbeast 4. mman1506 5. Niklas674 6. mikexcao 7. Golfer4646 8. pchild 9. Tmpoles 10. Thefoxisloose
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Today 11:06 AM
Electrical help
All of these are great resources that I wish I had while mentoring the rookie team I helped star last year! definitely adding this stuff to my collection of resources for the future.
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Today 11:01 AM
4003 - The TriSonics Season Recap
Hello all, This is our team's best year in our 7 years of existence, and we made a cool video to show our incredible season. Check it out: 4003 Season Recap Thank you for watching and we look...
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Today 10:06 AM
Name the Planet Contest
Another team that has made it work: https://www.space.com/16385-curiosity-rover-mars-science-laboratory.html
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Tyler Olds
Today 09:52 AM
Behind the Bumpers IRI Jersey Voltage FRC4587
New Behind the Bumpers with FRC4587 Jersey Voltage at IRI. Check out all the inspiration this team has drawn from other great teams to iterate their own robot into a fantastic season! Watch:...
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Today 09:35 AM
wpilib.ds: Joystick Button on port 0 not available
Yeah, seems like it really doesn't affect the functionality of the robot once the robotInit() is over - and from what I've also seen it does appear only once or maybe a few times for several buttons...
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Today 09:20 AM
Future Game Pieces
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Mark Wasserman
Today 09:08 AM
Fan for 775pros
This is a good way to look at it. This cooling system was originally designed around the 2017 robot to cool drive motors, which did full court sprints. It also cooled the shooter motor on the 2017...
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Today 08:41 AM
paper: Modeling Subsystem Reliability
Analytically, it changes significantly. See spoiler for details. I assume that you're saying that you'd always fix after debugging, so we'd end up with a matrix like this (do me a favor and imagine...
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Today 08:12 AM
Thrust in a drivetrain?
If you like math, not to toot my own horn, but maybe look at these resources: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/3193 https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/3195
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Today 06:29 AM
CAN Debug Tools
We got our hands on a piece of non-FRC hardware that we're looking to interface to the RIO over CAN. Experimentation work so far, just barely starting the software work now. The thought was that, at...
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Yesterday 10:07 PM
Beach Bot Battle 2018
Thanks Gus, We loved having you guys! It was a wonderful event, Special thanks to Daniel Eiland (MC), Eddie Melton (FTA), Mannie Lowe (scorekeeper), Chris Caddel and FIRST in Texas for...
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Yesterday 09:43 PM
Beach Blitz 2018
Thank you for the offer. We'll handle the pit assignments after we officially release team invitations.
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Yesterday 09:19 PM
[FF]: [OFF] China Robotics Challenge 2018
Swaps for free agent teams allowed until 3:00 AM Eastern, (Midnight Pacific), at which point lists will lock. Final Results: Tmpoles 1574 6393 6827 mman1506 ...
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Yesterday 09:04 PM
2019 FRC events
I'm gonna guess it'll be Pitt County. I think most people have enjoyed it the two years it has been around. Level of competition has always been high there for week one/two.
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Yesterday 08:57 PM
CRP Bracket Thickness
Currently Competition Robot Parts (CRP) sells structural brackets with a thickness of 0.080 inches and functional brackets (motor mounts, bearing plates etc.) with a thickness of 0.125 (1/8)...
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Yesterday 07:39 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Gitchi Gummi Get Together Tier 2
And that’s a wrap! nomythicalbeast 3130 4009 3102 MikLast 2491 2512 7886 Thayer McCollum 2169 3244 2500 Jeremy Germita 4607 2846 3275 BrennanB 4230 1732 2177 tmpoles ...
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Yesterday 05:54 PM
How hot do CIM motors get usually?
I'll definitely get some grease! I ran the motors on blocks today for 5 mins at max throttle and they barley got warm. So the electricals seem fine Thanks, I'll get a couple of stickers to be...
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Yesterday 04:27 PM
Being A Better Leader
We do smart goals at work. As annoying as it can be to write up reports on them every year (mostly becasue we delay doing it till the last minute), it's still the best framework I've seen for...
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Yesterday 03:26 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #732
You've heard of musical chairs? This is our musical robot! Just strum here and the sound comes out the pipes there... (lower right) We're gonna be famous!
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