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Prateek M
Today 12:24 PM
Git at competitions
This is what we do. We all collaborate and make changes on one laptop (which also ends up being the DS Laptop). We then commit and push the changes to GitHub after the competition ends.
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:17 PM
Uses for Spike Blues
The RoboRio relay outputs are designed to interface with the Spike relays. However, the Spike is pretty simple and can be fed with a simple digital output. Spikes are designed so that output can be...
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Today 12:15 PM
China Update: China 2019 Canceled
What I think most people are missing out at this moment is not the financial aspect of the situation, but the language aspect. It is most likely that the Chinese teams are going to have their...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:10 PM
Minor help
Another way is if the device is part of a COTS computing device. Just saying...
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Today 12:07 PM
Sensors, TalonSRX vs Roborio
Weren't we also trying to run velocity PID on top of position PID or something?
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 12:01 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
These doors lead directly into the pits but... Maintenance hasn't shown up yet, so you have to go around the side, through the small door, turn right, go up two flights of stairs, across the gym...
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Today 11:43 AM
BAN the person above you!
banned because your avatar grinds my gears
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Today 11:35 AM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
Super excited to finally be able to reply to this thread :D My schools in order of importance go -RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology): Early Desicion! -Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University...
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Today 11:09 AM
Issues with Teleop
I made sure the controller was in the right mode and even tried the other modes just because. I still didn't get a response from the talens so I am going to see if our old programmer that programmed...
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Today 10:52 AM
Simulate flywheel for linear LinearMotion
I'm not particularly good at math either... and as such, the LinearMotion helper doesn't simulate inertia at all. In order to do that, I think you'd need to compute the actual velocity of the motor,...
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Caleb Sykes
Today 10:19 AM
[FF]: [OFF]: Mission Mayhem Tier 1
Both Taegen and I have 5842
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Today 10:14 AM
Introducing Frosted Glass
Using the Limelite, we ended up with two cameras, one at 320p 90fps and the other also at 320p but only 30fps (the second camera framerate is limited by the Limelite itself). The framerates we...
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Today 08:41 AM
Are veteran mentors out of touch? 8:30pm Eastern Tonight
Not if some people get their way.
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Yesterday 09:48 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Mission Mayhem Tier 2
nomythicalbeast 179 108 1369 pchild 180 5842 1251 drwhorx 744 744b 3932 Big-B 5472 1902 4592 abbymarie 5472b 1902b 3653 CurtisB42 233 2383b 1523 KaranY ...
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
Why I love OCCRA
I did say pretend. I didn't want to write "states/provinces" the entire time. I never said one program did cause it, but OCCRA is a large reason behind the success. Back in the early to mid 2000s,...
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Caleb Sykes
Yesterday 08:44 PM
paper: Miscellaneous Statistics Projects 2018
After a break, I'm back at it again looking at schedule strengths, I'll have a more thorough post soon, but I thought I would just share this quick. Here is a summary of the best and worst schedules...
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Yesterday 08:20 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Duel on the Delaware Tier 2
They were picked, just not removed off the available list.
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Yesterday 07:54 PM
What do they do in beta?
We've beta tested last year, and will be again this year. Usually what happens is the teams are asked to check over the code / plugins to ensure that there are no production errors when teams use...
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New Thread
Yesterday 07:17 PM
Issues building/deploying with alpha build
So everything I've done for the past few weeks has worked perfectly as far as deploying to the robot etc. I got in today and without changing anything none of the wpilib commands could be found...
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Yesterday 06:35 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Duel on the Delaware Tier 1
And were done! Picks lock in at 11:59 EST! pchild 225 5420 533 BrennanB 694 1089 4342 abbymarie 303 708 2729 drwhorx 365 1391 203 Golfer4646 1640 2539 2495 LukeB ...
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